What's New in Enact in September 2022

InfinityQS, an Advantive company, is proud to announce the latest update to Enact®—our cloud-based, real-time quality management platform. This update includes the ability for users to configure the string verification feature, and a new capability which allows calculated values to be reviewed by the user before being stored to the Enact database.

String Verification – Configuration

String Verification, introduced in the August Enact update, now includes full feature configuration—enabling Enact users to add this powerful capability to their Enact implementation. Using string verification, you can efficiently check the accuracy of labeling, UPCs (bar codes), artwork, and “best by” dates before product leaves the factory.

If a string mismatch occurs, Enact generates events and verification fails. This feature is particularly important to food manufacturers, bottlers, and any industry that has packaging as a part of the manufacturing process.  

Benefit: Enables manufacturers to take full advantage of the powerful String Verification functionality within Enact to reduce packaging errors and mislabeled product—saving time and money, and protecting brand reputation.

Following are screenshots illustrating this new functionality.

A new feature type, Verification, has been added to the Create Feature page in Enact. Users also must select the Entity Type, Lot Tag, or Part Tag. This information is highlighted in red below.


A user would then select the desired Tag Group, as well as specific tags. Users can pick from either parts or lots. The images above include both the Parts selection window on top and the Lots selection window on the bottom.

Once configured, you are ready to collect verification data. The data collection window with an UPC Code verification included is shown below. The added check takes only a few seconds but helps prevent costly mislabeled product.

If a mismatch occurs an event is generated, you have the option to alert specific users.  

Users get more details on the verification failure in the Event Details window.


Calculated Results Review

In Enact, manually collected feature data can be reviewed by the user before being saved. With this release, users have the option to review calculated feature data before the data is saved—preventing inadvertent errors.

Benefit: Improves data accuracy, and the usefulness of Enact data.  

Following is an example of the data table used for reviewing calculated feature data.


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