What's New in Enact in January 2023

InfinityQS is happy to announce the latest update to Enact®—our cloud-based, real-time quality management platform. This update includes the ability to continuously copy data from one Enact tenant to another, the option to collapse subprocesses on the Process Information tile, a change to role permissions, and the addition of a language in Enact.

Follow-up Collection (Variable Features)

Enact will be enhanced with the ability to trigger a data collection with just-failed features, maintaining the same sample size and requirement window (if any), without the need to configure new data collections.

When this option is enabled in data collections with no requirement window, the default sampling requirement time for the follow-up collection will be 60 minutes.



  • This new functionality considerably reduces configuration time, slashing the number of steps previously needed to setup follow-up requirements for when data collections fail.

Notification status Updates

Enact now makes keeping track of the status of events easy. Has anyone responded to the event—has it been reviewed or not? Has the workflow for an event been completed? Or has information been added to an event—a comment or photo?

The Notification tile will now display information about the latest status of events, clearly communicating to the user if events have been responded to, and an event workflow is completed.



  • Users will be able to tell the status of an event at a glance with this new functionality:
  • Events with workflows that have been completed will display a green check icon
    (    – located on the left side of the Event Reviews in the image above).
  • If an event has some action performed on it (comment, code, camera, etc.) the “action” icon –  located on the right side of the Event Reviews – will continue to display (even when workflow is completed).

Data Sharing - Company Level Roll up for Site Summary and Manage License

Daily aggregated records can be continuously copied from one Enact tenant to another with “data sharing.” This enhancement specifically addresses the need for maintaining and tracking licenses for the established connections.

In addition, data analysis roll-ups are now easily accessible in aggregate dashboards tiles. Here users can review and analyze data of the external companies (e.g., vendors), optimizing their decision-making capabilities.
License Management:

  • In the License report, the user can learn about the total billed license; this report now also includes connections information as well.


Analyze Data – Company Level roll up on Site Summary tile:

  • On the Site Summary tile, users will be provided with the option of "Company Level Roll-Up” in the contextual menu of the tile (pictured below), which will roll up all the site-level data to the Company level. Also, grading of the feature will now be displayed for the company.


Work Dashboard Linking

Users can now navigate directly to any dashboard from the work dashboard. “Linking” a specific dashboard to the work dashboard provides operators with increased visibility into their data, as well as easy access to other tiles and data needed for day-to-day operations.


  • Easy access to other frequently visit dashboards needed for day-to-day operations.
  • Every user sees these same links in Enact.

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