What’s New in Enact in Q1 2018

InfinityQS is pleased to announce the Q1 2018 Updates to Enact®, the cloud-based Quality Intelligence platform powered by real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC).

This Enact update includes the following features:

  • Client-Specific Custom Translations

    Inexpensive Quality Management Software Language labels enable global manufacturers to translate all custom-named items in Enact SPC software. Names of parts, processes, features, and many other fields—including data structure pages and filtering/sorting features—can be displayed to users in their own language. Now manufacturers can develop a common product nomenclature worldwide while still allowing local workers to view Enact in their native language—improving adoption of a single, global quality solution. Clients can translate their custom-named items at their own pace, and all translations are done within the application to simplify the process.

    Benefit: Clients can now create custom translations in English (US), English (UK), Spanish (Mexico), German, and Vietnamese. Support for other standard languages will be introduced in future Enact releases.

  • Data Collection Workflow Improvements

    Operators can now choose the process they are operating prior to selecting the part being run on that process. An operator selecting a particular process will no longer need to select a part if a production assignment exists for that process. Additionally, if an operator has access to only one process for a given data collection, the part selection screen can be bypassed entirely by using production assignments. In addition, this update introduces the ability to assign a process to a particular lot, which makes the operators' data entry workflow even simpler and more reliable.

    Benefit: Strengthens the production assignments functionality added in the 2017 Q4 update.

  • Enact Licensing Process Simplified

    Simple Licensing for Enact SPC Software Administrators no longer need to contact their InfinityQS account manager to purchase new licenses or modify an existing license purchase. We call it “self-serve purchasing.” License counts can be directly modified from the Enact Licenses landing page by any administrator with the appropriate permissions. Billing changes take effect immediately; changes to a client's license count will be instantly reflected in the client's billing statement.

    Benefit: Makes Enact purchasing more flexible and intuitive for clients who are beginning a new operation and need a trial period before choosing the best license count for their needs. It also makes expansion of an existing system even simpler and clearer.

  • "My Processes" Window Improved

    The “My Processes” option has been moved to the general user menu and is no longer specific to the work dashboard.

    Benefit: Any user can open the My Processes window and change the processes they are viewing on dashboard tiles that support “My Processes,” improving usability.
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