Enact Functionality Change Notice

InfinityQS will, on occasion, make changes to the Enact user interface that will affect existing users. In the next scheduled Enact update we will be changing the user interface in the following way.

The Process State tile will be removed and replaced with the new Process Information tile. All Work Dashboards and Raw Dashboards with the Process State tile will be updated with the Process Information tile. Some configuration information on size and placement might be lost and user action will be required.

Below is some background information on the two tiles.

Process State Tile:

The Process State tile displays process states for processes viewable to a user, based on the user's access level and process responsibility. From this tile users can view the process states of their assigned processes and make changes to these states. Here is an example of the Process State tile.

Enact Process Information Tile:

The new Process Information tile will be included in the Work Dashboard and can be added to any Raw Dashboard. It contains much more information about the processes assigned to a user. It presents the current status of a process, information on the process, and allows users to change the status of a process.

An example of a Process Information sub-tile is shown below:


In this example tile the process is currently in a Process State of ‘Run,’ via the green arrow box, the part currently being manufactured is ‘Machined – Storage Section – C9 Mini,’ the current shift is ‘Shift 1’ and there are 42 minutes and 5 seconds remaining in the shift. There are a total of 9 Process Events for this process, with 8 of them being open (open events don’t have any Event Codes or Event Comments associated to them).

The Process Information tile typically would display the information shown above for all of the processes assigned to the user in ‘My Processes.’

More Information:

InfinityQS has created two short eLearning videos on the new Process Information tile.

  • Process Information Tile – to view this video place click here.
  • Process Information Tile, Shift Modifications – to view this video place click here.