Enact Software User Interface Change Notice

Q3 Four Week Notification

InfinityQS will, on occasion, make changes to the Enact user interface that will affect existing users. In the next scheduled Enact update we will be changing the user interface in the following way.

Compliance Tile:

The Compliance Tile is a tile option for Raw Dashboards. The Compliance tile displays the statistics for data collections and checklists configured with collection requirements, allowing you to view collection statistics in a single table.

Here is a summary of the changes to the Compliance Tile.

  • A new column, called “Active,” has been added to the Compliance tile. This column will indicate the number, or count, of active collection requirements that are not completed or missed.
    • Currently, the Total column includes the number of Active collections in its calculation.
    • With the next Enact update, all calculations in the Compliance tile will not include the Active counts.
  • For improved readability, the percentages and counts for Missed, Received, Late, and Success columns will now be displayed in the same column.  
  • The new order of columns in the Compliance Tile will be.
    • # Total (count)
    • # Active (count)
    • Missed (count, %)
    • Received (count, %)
    • Late (count, %)
    • Success (count, %)
    • Most Recent Record

Here is an example of the current Compliance Tile format.

All Compliance Tiles will be automatically updated with these changes, no action is required on the part of the user.
More Information:
After the update is released the Enact Help system will provide more information regarding these changes to the Compliance tile.