Enact Software Functionality Change Notice

Enact 2018 Q4 Update – Four Week Notification

The upcoming 2018 Q4 Enact update will include several changes to the user experience.

Access Menu

In this update, the menu structure has been re-organized with new entries in the Access menu. Analysis (formerly Real Time Analytics) and Data Collection are new sub-menus listed directly below Dashboard at the top of the Access menu. These new sub-menus provide faster access to the most used features for analysis and data collections. A third new sub-menu, Data Management, has also been added, which includes the Change History and data deletion features.

These changes will make Enact users more effective and efficient. If you are using Menu Templates, we recommend reviewing and adjusting them as needed.

The following are screen shots of the new menus:

Department Assignments

The Enact Process Hierarchy organizes your production assets within Enact. In this update, we added a required Department level, to which all Enact users and workstations will be assigned. For now, levels located below Department in the list are assigned a number.  

The following are screen shots of the new Process Hierarchy levels:

InfinityQS understands this change will impact your current setup. On the day of the update, we will remotely access your Enact tenant to quickly update it on your behalf.
Licensing Changes

With this update, clients will now be billed only for assigned licenses. This eliminates clients paying for licenses they are not using.

This change causes only a minor adjustment to the Enact user interface. Specifically, the display of licenses on the Licenses page now only shows the number of licenses that have been assigned to users or workstations, as denoted in the image below. Enact administrators simply need to add (or reduce) licenses when needed.