The Enact Platform

Cloud-native SPC quality intelligence.

Enact software enables manufacturers to quickly and easily reduce costs, increase profitability, and enhance brand reputation—at an affordable price.



Enact® is the cloud-native statistical process control (SPC) Quality Intelligence platform selected by Frost & Sullivan for Product Leadership. Whatever your industry, Enact can help you improve product quality control in production with reliable, real-time data. Enact's Unified Data Repository brings together and standardizes all your quality control and process data, helping decrease costs and enabling better, faster operations decisions.

Benefits of the Enact platform

Manufacturers can benefit from Enact’s native-cloud capabilities, as well as InfinityQS’ decades of SPC and manufacturing industry experience and responsiveness to customer feedback.
Unparalleled data visibility
Enact standardizes quality data, whether collected manually or automatically. Data is unified so that manufacturers can get a “big picture” view of process quality.
Targeted, strategic insight
Enact users get access to quality data and alerts based on their roles and responsibilities. Highly visual, customizable dashboards help users focus on the data that they need and tune out the excess. Enact’s SaaS model provides mobility and availability of data.
Secure, efficient, flexible deployment model
The SaaS platform also speeds implementation, swaps out time-consuming upgrades for updates, and minimizes TCO. Plus, Enact integrates with your existing infrastructure.
Scalability and cost effectiveness
Fast, immensely scalable, and unbelievably affordable, Enact enables manufacturers to increase or decrease the size of their implementation as needed. The platform’s ability to use parts recipes to apply process models across products enables impressive ROI.
Data collection and visualization that works like you do
Data collections support manual entry or semi-automated entry (through scales, calipers, etc.), are designed to be reused, and can be used on demand or at set time intervals. Data collections and data summaries are prioritized for the user, highlighting collections that are due and data streams that need attention.

See Enact in Action

Designed for quick configuration and rollout, Enact is a practical choice to provide the visibility and intelligence you need.

Watch this short demo to see how Enact:

  • Supports both onsite and offsite workers through a browser-based interface
  • Enables quick rollout, adoption, and expansion with out-of-the box configuration
  • Empowers operators and improves efficiency with role-based dashboards
  • Fosters faster decision-making with visual analytics
  • Enables rapid responses to change with visibility across products, processes, and plants

Enact: Maximum Value, Minimum Investment.

Whether you operate a single facility or hundreds of sites, Enact can help you deliver true quality intelligence for all users in your organization, decrease costs, and enable better operational business decisions—affordably.

Enact Subscription pricing starts at just $65/license/month.


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Learn More About the Power of Enact

Built on a proven statistical process control (SPC) foundation, Enact delivers unparalleled data visibility across products, lines, and plants to enable strategic insights you’ve never had before.

Enact Product Tour


Discover why the Business Intelligence Group named InfinityQS Enact an Innovation Awards winner and see how this unique, innovative SaaS quality intelligence solution can help you ramp up your real-time SPC efforts. 

  • Meet Cheery Chips, a fictional potato chip manufacturing company that we’ll use to demonstrate Enact’s features. 
  • Learn how Enact process models enable you to define data collections at various process flow points. 
  • See how process models work with part recipes to support multiple product variations. 
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The grading feature—exclusive to the Enact platform—provides a unique way to roll up and interpret performance across products, processes, and sites. See it for yourself. 

  • Find out how grading can help you quickly assess which sites offer immediate opportunities. 
  • See how the Stream Potential component helps you measure process yield. 
  • Learn how to use the Stream Performance component to measure site potential. 
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Enact’s dashboards can help you maintain system simplicity, even while powering up your analysis capabilities. Dashboards enable you to view and analyze data in real-time, from any location. Take a quick tour of a sample corporate overview dashboard in this demo. 

  • Learn how to use parameter sets to customize your dashboard. 
  • See how the Site Summary tile helps you quickly identify areas of concern. 
  • Use the Stream Analysis table to drill down into the specifics. 
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Ready to explore your quality data? Configure an analysis-focused dashboard to put all the data you need right at your fingertips. With this feature, you can easily drill down into individual KPIs across sites, products, and processes. 

  • Use Box & Whisker tiles to find hidden trends. 
  • See how Pareto tiles can help you focus on the areas that need immediate attention. 
  • Discover the power of metadata tags for granular analysis.  
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Enact makes it easy for shop floor operators to monitor specific areas, so you can keep operations running smoothly. This dashboard gives operators the critical information they need—no data overload, no distractions.  

  • Quickly review only relevant collections with the Data Collection tile. 
  • Use the Notifications tile to stay alert to any rule violations and timed data collections. 
  • Get a prioritized view of the data streams that need your attention with the Stream Summary tile. 
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Data entry can be a landmine for manufacturers who don’t have automated collection. That’s why Enact simplifies the task. With Enact, you get a faster, easier entry process—and more accurate, reliable data. 

  • See how the Data Collection screen improves clarity and provides multilingual support. 
  • Enjoy flexible entry options, for a more consistent process no matter how you gather data. 
  • Learn how the Work dashboard provides instant scalability. 
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Flexible software licensing methods enable you to scale quickly, without spending money on licenses you aren’t currently using. Enact’s licensing features give you the flexibility to meet the needs of your dynamic work environment, quickly and affordably.

  • Assign licenses to individual users or to specific workstations.
  • Easily modify total license count to suit your current business needs.
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Need help with Enact? In the Enact Online Help Center, you’ll find plenty of useful information, available 24/7 and in your language.

  • Get a step-by-step guide to building a sample product with Enact, as well as configuration instructions and plenty of procedure examples.
  • Find process model templates for various industries.
  • Get answers to frequently asked questions about Enact.
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Enact Meets the Needs of Your Organization—Whatever the Size

InfinityQS Enact is the award-winning Quality Intelligence platform that speeds and simplifies real-time quality data collection, reporting, and analysis. Whether your company operates one manufacturing site or sites in multiple locations, Enact can help you meet your most pressing goals: reducing scrap and waste, improving product quality, and maintaining compliance.
For small-to midsize businesses (SMBs), Enact simplifies Statistical Process Control (SPC) by focusing on users and their specific needs. Plus, Enact’s cloud-native delivery minimizes costs and maximizes flexibility.
  • Enact makes SPC easy, so you can quickly see opportunities to improve quality control in production.
  • Enact simplifies deployment, dramatically reducing IT costs compared to other solutions.
  • Enact enables proactive quality management, revealing cost-saving opportunities you didn’t know existed.
  • Enact is an affordable, low-risk way to get started with SPC.
For large or enterprise companies, Enact’s SaaS model simplifies large deployments, offers better scalability, and minimizes IT costs. And mobile access lets quality managers stay up to date, from anywhere, at any time.
  • Enact’s SaaS model keeps it up to date, making manual upgrades unnecessary.
  • Enact simplifies quality performance comparisons across multiple product codes, lines, and sites.
  • Enact integrates with your existing infrastructure and manufacturing systems, reducing quality-system costs.
  • Enact lets you standardize SPC capabilities across all your facilities.

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