Gauge Interface Hardware

Automate data collection—whether wired or wireless

Shop floor equipment, gauges, and handheld devices are key sources of valuable quality data. Whether you use an on-premises or cloud-based platform, our participating vendor partners provide wired and wireless hardware solutions that automate and streamline data collection. These gauge interface solutions establish instant connectivity between your shop floor and the InfinityQS Unified Data Repository.

Get the right hardware for your environment

Whether you seek a wireless solution or need hard-wired solutions, our participating vendors  provide outstanding hardware and expert support—whether you have multiple data collection needs, hybrid environments, or legacy systems in place.

Want to go wireless?

Wireless gauging products are designed specifically for industrial and manufacturing environments, and work with a wide variety of gauges. Wireless data collection offers the following advantages:


  • One device can serve as a central base station for a wide area
  • A single device can communicate multiple remotes connected to multiple gauges—as many as you need in the area
  • No wires or cables to manage
  • Easy to configure with a single, standard setting

Need a hard-wired connection?

Multiple-channel electronic gauge interfaces, also known as gauge multiplexers, enable you to connect multiple devices to a single serial communication port on your computer. Directly connecting a gauging device to InfinityQS reduces data collection times and eliminates errors typically associated with manual data collection. Need to connect to legacy systems? No problem. Multiplexers facilitate the collection of data from up to 16 non-wireless-enabled devices.


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