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ProFicient Software

On-Premises Quality Management and SPC Software

ProFicient, the leading real-time SPC solution, provides a comprehensive array of SPC tools so you can better understand the performance and capability of your vital manufacturing processes.


Regardless of your industry and the products you produce, ProFicient™ can provide your operators, engineers, quality team, and managers with the detailed, real-time SPC data they need to assess current operations and take appropriate proactive or remedial steps to maintain product quality, avoid costly scrap, and meet production goals.

Benefits of the ProFicient Software Solution

Powered by a centralized SPC engine, ProFicient enables improved quality from the factory floor and across the enterprise. Use the solution on-premises to improve quality data collection and analysis, as well as real-time monitoring, long-term strategic decision-making, and easy, effective reporting.
Simplified Data Collection and Access
Get a grip on quality data

Manufacturing floor interfaces and universal data collectors support manual, automated, semi-automated, and mobile quality data acquisition. Quality data is centralized in a unified data repository that provides fast and easy access for analysis and reporting. The statistical engine processes and manages data from an unlimited number of sources and provides reliable access control. ProFicient enables access to a variety of databases, sites, and suppliers.
Flexible Monitoring and Analysis
Identify potential problems and best practices

ProFicient supports real-time monitoring for immediate identification of quality problems. Visibility into unified data also enables a long-term view that can help to uncover variances before they become problems, as well as identify strengths and best practices that can then be applied to other processes, lines, and sites. Control charts and dashboards are automatically updated in real time for optimized operations and reporting.
Workflow Management
Help ensure the right actions at the right time

Regulatory and business obligations require a standardized approach. ProFicient enables simplified data collection and automatic warnings and notifications to alert operators of issues. Statistical rule violations can trigger escalated data collections or other actions. Manufacturers can require operation inputs or comments for better data management.
Advanced Reporting
Help lower costs and increase profits

Use ProFicient’s dashboard view of KPIs and metrics to identify areas of waste, hidden costs, and opportunities for improvement. Span lines, sites, and suppliers through easy-to-customize reports and multilevel data mining. Slice and dice data across your business for strategic insights that can transform your operations and product quality.

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Manage Quality Data

Monitor all manufacturing processes

Use Statistical Process Control (SPC) data to
improve your processes and your product quality

ProFicient provides a comprehensive array of SPC tools to help you better manage quality data and better understand the performance and capability of your vital manufacturing processes. Regardless of your industry and the products you produce, ProFicient can provide your operators, engineers, quality team, and managers with the detailed, real-time SPC data they need to assess current operations and take appropriate remedial action to maintain product quality, avoid costly scrap, and meet production goals.

Gain Greater Visibility

ProFicient SPC software gives visibility to all stakeholders

Data Collection and integration
provide the critical link between shop floor and executive suite

ProFicient offers a fully customizable, intuitive, and highly visual data collection interface tailored to the needs of plant floor operators and technicians. Users of ProFicient can choose manual data collection, semi-automatic data collection, or fully automated data collection. Our suite of data connectors and data-exchange processes enable the collection and integration of quality and process data from virtually any data-collection point or system, including various plant databases, from corporate sites, suppliers, and more—regardless of geographic location. Mobile workers can even collect data using their favorite mobile device.
SPC Control Charts provide visibility into manufacturing processes

Monitoring and analysis help identify and resolve
quality problems in real time

ProFicient, the leader in manufacturing software solutions, provides the ability to produce charts, dashboards, and reports that immediately update when data is collected. Take advantage of a wide variety of reports and statistical analyses and more than 300 types of control charts to support long- and short-run applications and displays for both attributes and variables data.

The InfinityQS Quality Event Dashboard and Control Chart Dashboard provide highly graphical, interactive data displays ideal for managers and decision makers so, at a glance, they can gain an understanding of current manufacturing performance.
Operator entered Assignable Cause Codes (ACCS) and Corrective Action Codes (CACs) can be aggregated and presented in multi-level charts so problems can be quickly identified and prioritized.
If quality falls outside of configured parameters, ProFicient can generate process events, save them to the Unified Data Repository, and notify anyone you choose, wherever they are.

Dynamic Scheduler ensures timely data collections

Manage workflow to optimize operations

Operators are busy, so InfinityQS offers Dynamic Scheduler to provide operators with a timed checklist for scheduled quality checks. The system automatically reminds operators when regular data collections are due. If a statistical rule is violated or data falls outside of the defined specification limits automated emails or text messages (SMS) can be sent to supervisors and quality personnel.
When process issues arise, ProFicient's Dynamic Scheduler can dynamically alter data collection schedules to ensure that the right data is available when needed to troubleshoot a process efficiently.
The system can also automatically trigger responses from third-party machine controllers, user-specified files, or applications.

ProFicient SPC Software control charts

Advanced reporting delivers intelligent insights to continuously improve performance

With just a few clicks, users can design and customize multiple charts, graphs, or reports for specific Quality Management needs or for other parts of the organization. Robust analytical tools enable users to slice and dice quality data across many dimensions, including line, product, geographic region, supplier, and more.

Uncover the features of ProFicient Software

InfinityQS® ProFicient is a proven Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solution that delivers insight to improve quality, decrease costs, and help manufacturers make smarter business decisions. The software includes an extensive set of features that help you take control of quality at each point of the manufacturing process.

Uncover the features of ProFicient by InfinityQS

InfinityQS ProFicient Unified Data Repository
Whether you maintain a single department at one location or run production across multiple, disparate enterprise sites, the ProFicient Unified Data Repository processes and efficiently manages your quality data from one centralized, standardized data hub.
  • Simplify maintenance of your data repository.
  • Get faster, easier access to all your quality-related data.
  • Save time and resources, especially IT resources.
  • Improve analytics and reporting.
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InfinityQS ProFicient Data Collection & Integration
Simplify data collection and seamlessly integrate with manufacturing floor software and equipment. Operator-friendly user interfaces are fully customizable, intuitive, and highly visual.
  • Eliminate complexity from deployment and operation.
  • Get the big picture of operations.
  • Integrate easily with existing infrastructure.
  • Automate and expand data collection.
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InfinityQS ProFicient Data Collection & Integration
Gain real-time visibility of quality data via ProFicient charts, reports, and dashboards. Enable staff to proactively control processes and stay in front of any quality-related problems.
  • Improve understanding through statistical charts and visualizations.
  • Tailor views according to role or purpose.
  • Keep key stakeholders in the know.
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InfinityQS ProFicient Workflow Management
Increase team efficiency through automated workflows—reminders, timers and alerts—and create a standardized approach to collecting key data across the enterprise.
  • Improve reliability of data collection.
  • Automate workflows to increase efficiency.
  • Use reminders, timers, and notifications to maintain compliance.
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InfinityQS ProFicient Advanced Reporting Suite
Generate and distribute reports “on-the-fly” to provide Manufacturing Intelligence and process control, meet Lean or Six Sigma requirements, and continually improve quality.
  • Monitor quality across the enterprise.
  • Quickly create customized reports, where and when you need them.
  • Provide role-based visibility into all aspects of production quality.
  • Promote continuous improvement and strategic decision making.
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See ProFicient in action

ProFicient, the most trusted and powerful real-time quality control, SPC software solution on the market, and the flagship of the InfinityQS International line of products.

Deploying ProFicient: On Premises or On Demand

Find the right option for you.

ProFicient on Premises

ProFicient on Premises works as a standard, locally installed, per-license deployment. With an on-premises software deployment, you benefit from the ability to: 

  • Host software on your own servers and hardware, allowing total control
  • Maintain software and servers to your corporate standards
  • Enable your IT staff to directly oversee data security and application availability
  • Secure the application behind your own firewall within your own infrastructure

ProFicient on Demand

ProFicient on Demand offers flexible, scalable SPC software hosted in the cloud. With an on-demand software deployment, you benefit from the ability to: 
  • Dramatically reduce deployment time and maintenance burden, driving faster time to value
  • Work with software that’s always up to date and highly available, leveraging today's highest technology and cybersecurity standards
  • Support operational agility and broad scalability
  • Free up valuable capital and IT resources
  • Minimize total cost of ownership
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Dedicated ProFicient on Demand 

Manufacturers in highly regulated industries who require software validation—and must meet strict requirements for traceability and compliance—can get the advantages of PoD in a controlled, private-cloud environment. 

  • Reduce software validation time and costs 
  • Ensure and maintain consistent regulatory compliance 
  • Ensure full traceability, access control, and audit trail logging 
  • Add third-party software and customize features 
  • Add computing resources for optimal performance 

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Explore ProFicient Add-On Products

ProFicient has a full line of InfinityQS add-on products that work together to deliver a complete, comprehensive quality improvement solution. Learn more about our other products.

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Make consolidating data a snap—even when data resides in separate databases, different plants, or different countries. Learn more >

Give managers, supervisors, and other key quality team personnel fast, visualized information about where quality process events are assigned during specified periods. Learn more >

Real-time monitoring interface highlights color-coded control charts for easy interpretation by users. Learn more >

Fully automate data monitoring for intelligent, rapid decision-making. Learn more >

Automatically monitor all active data streams regardless of deployment type. Learn more >

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