The Perfect Quality Solutions: ProFicient and Enact

For more than 25 years, InfinityQS® ProFicient™ has been the industry’s leading Statistical Process control (SPC) software solution. With the release of our newest manufacturing quality platform, Enact™, InfinityQS is expanding solutions portfolio to meet the demands of modern manufacturing.

ProFicient: Here to Stay

ProFicient is a robust, comprehensive quality solution that has been enhanced and improved for the last quarter century. It continues to be an excellent solution for manufacturers who understand that process improvements lead to greater product quality and a stronger competitive presence. Used as a strategic quality initiative by many of the world’s leading manufacturers, ProFicient is our flagship product and is here to stay. InfinityQS is committed to the continued support and development of this on-premises software solution—and the relationships with you, our clients, who rely on ProFicient’s capabilities to drive manufacturing efficiency and quality.

Enact: A New Way to Transform Quality

Today’s manufacturers need to upgrade technology and reduce costs. With cloud-based systems, these needs are no longer mutually exclusive. Cloud solutions reduce IT burden and infrastructure, minimize deployment costs, and maximize scalability while enabling greater mobility and more flexible data access. With all these factors in mind, InfinityQS has developed the next evolution in quality management technology: Enact.

Naturally, our ProFicient customers have questions about this new platform. Here, we address some of those questions.

What is Enact?

Enact is a new approach to solving the challenges of enterprise and supply chain-wide quality management. Enact provides a highly visual interface with flexible means of coordinating and consolidating quality data across vendors, raw materials, and your plants. As a native-cloud platform, Enact is not an upgrade to—or replacement for—ProFicient. Rather, Enact is an entirely new way to meet the needs of today’s quickly evolving modern manufacturing organization. Like ProFicient, Enact provides system-wide visibility and operational insights that can lead to a global business transformation. Enact features include thoroughly modern process models, part recipes, dashboards, and a highly visual interface that can be used on any mobile or computing device. Additionally, Enact provides tailored, role-specific reports, real-time alerts, and aggregated quality intelligence to support enterprise-wide quality improvement efforts.
Must ProFicient customers move to Enact?
We leave that to our clients. However, the simple answer is no. ProFicient is our flagship product, and we intend to continue developing and supporting it. ProFicient customers can continue to make full use of its capabilities without moving to Enact.

Can I see Enact in action?
Definitely! Contact your account manager or email us at to set up a demonstration.

Contact us with questions
If you have any further questions about Enact or our plans for ProFicient moving forward, we’re here to answer them. Contact your account manager or email us at for more information.