Dynamic Remote Alarm Monitoring Service (DRAMS)

Stay Ahead of Quality Problems

Stay aware of control and specification limit violations using Dynamic Remote Alarm Monitoring Service™ (DRAMS). This Microsoft® Windows™-based service from InfinityQS® makes it easy to monitor all your manufacturing processes so you can be alerted automatically before harmful quality issues arise.

Key Benefits & Features

DRAMS provides an easier way to monitor ProFicient™ data streams, and is compatible with ProFicient on Premises or ProFicient on Demand (cloud).
Automated notifications

Never Miss a Violation

DRAMS monitors all active ProFicient data streams and alerts you to control and specification limit violations—including manual, semi-automated (gauge), or fully automated data collections. DRAMS ensures that you never miss a control or spec limit violation again.
Multiple, configurable alerts and alarms

Reduce Operator Workload

With DRAMS, your operators won’t need to spend valuable time manually monitoring quality data. DRAMS monitors data streams and reduces operator workload—freeing your team to focus on more critical tasks. DRAMS is particularly advantageous in heavily automated data collection environments.
Deviation From Target Chart

Automate Notifications

DRAMS monitors and triggers data violations for all active data streams. Once a control or spec limit violation event occurs, ProFicient sends email notifications to critical team members—keeping your staff fully informed, your processes more productive, and your product quality at the highest levels.
Deviation From Target Chart

Stress-free Maintenance

DRAMS requires almost no setup or maintenance. Simply install the software and point it to your ProFicient database and DRAMS automatically begins monitoring active data streams. If you chose to use DRAMS with ProFicient on Demand InfinityQS operates and maintains DRAMS for you in the PoD cloud environment.
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Superior Performance & Value

ProFicient on Demand:
DRAMS simultaneously monitors up to 100,000 data streams for a multi-site PoD system. The larger the PoD system, the more value you can get from DRAMS.

ProFicient on Premises:
DRAMS monitors your entire ProFicient on Premises system—up to 1,000,000 data streams.

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