Dynamic Scheduler

Never miss another quality check.

Dynamic Scheduler empowers shop-floor operators with a timed checklist for scheduled quality checks. Users get an easy-to-read schedule and automated data collection reminders. Data collection requirements dynamically keep up with changing process state conditions. Take the guesswork out of when to take manual data collections or other tasks with Dynamic Scheduler.

Dynamic Scheduler features

Learn how Dynamic Scheduler expands the capabilities of ProFicient™.
Dynamic Scheduler

Easy-to-read schedule

Get a time-ordered list of the day’s required quality checks

Dynamic Scheduler provides a shop-floor checklist for scheduled quality checks. Configure Dynamic Scheduler to alert plant floor workers to collect any type of data: product-specific, safety, setup, compliance confirmation, start-of-run, machine verification, and more. Whether on the floor, in the lab, at receiving inspection, or at dedicated inspection stations—Dynamic Scheduler remembers what you need to do and when, so you never miss a data collection or important task.

Dynamic Scheduler | Countdown Clock

Countdown clock

Keep track of the time remaining until the next quality check

Dynamic Scheduler includes a countdown clock for each check, so that operators always know exactly when each quality check is due. Now operators can focus on production instead of worrying about missing checks.

Dynamic Scheduler | Notifications

Automatic notifications

Get reminders when quality checks are due and notifications if data collection is missed

Large pop-up windows notify operators that a check is due and provide relevant information and instructions necessary to complete the check with confidence and accuracy. Customize time-based data collection intervals and associated operator notifications based on product, process, or workstation. And you can configure Dynamic Scheduler to notify key managers or force operators to select appropriate assignable cause codes and corrective actions if a check is missed.
Dynamic Scheduler | Dynamic Alert

Dynamic alteration of collection requirements

Keep up with changing process state conditions

Process states are in constant flux. Scheduled and unscheduled downtime, changing shifts, and machine conditions often make it difficult to conduct quality checks consistently. Dynamic Scheduler dynamically adjusts data-collection requirements based on these changes. If a value falls out of specification, Dynamic Scheduler can automatically request a recheck, force the operator to validate information, or send tasks to other workstations.
Dynamic Scheduler | HACCP and SSOP compliance

HACCP and SSOP compliance

Meet testing requirements, save time and money

Comply with testing requirements of Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP), Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP), and other internal, industry, and government regulations with Dynamic Scheduler. Whether your production needs to meet FSIS, USDA, FDA, HHS, or other oversight, incorporate workflow and compliance requirements on the shop floor, when and where needed. Complete checks electronically and save time and money by reducing paper costs as well as operator burden.

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