Enterprise Integration Service (EIS)

Consolidate data from across the plant or across the globe.

With millions in operating costs on the line, high quality and process efficiency have become performance imperatives. InfinityQS® Enterprise Integration Services (EIS) makes consolidating data a snap—even when data resides in separate databases, different plants, or different countries.

EIS Features

Learn how EIS features support data collection and integration.
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Enterprise-wide data access

Easily route data from multiple locations enabling a single view of your quality data

EIS lets you easily route data from one location to another. EIS enhances your decision-making power by enabling access to your quality and process from all of your facilities (enterprise-wide) from a single user interface. EIS runs in the background as a Windows Service, so no operator attention is required. ProFicient does not need to be running for EIS to route data.
Equipment integration routing

Equipment integration routing

Collect data from specialized equipment

EIS allows ProFicient to connect to process automation systems and special test equipment, so you can collect a complete data record for any manufacturing process.

EIS | Support for multiple data readers and writers

Support for multiple data readers and writers

Easily route data from multiple locations for access from one interface

EIS makes use of data readers and writers. Readers read data from a data source, convert the data into IDEF, then dispatch the packets to a writer. Writers receive IDEF packets from readers, convert the packets into appropriately formatted data, and then publish that information to a data source. Different readers and writers connect to different types of data sources.

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