Quality Event Dashboard

Monitor critical quality events across your manufacturing enterprise in real-time.

The InfinityQS® Quality Event Dashboard provides a live view of quality events as they occur across your manufacturing enterprise. This easy-to-understand dashboard keeps managers, supervisors, and key quality team personnel informed of potential costly quality issues.

Quality Event Dashboard features

Quickly spot where quality issues are developing

Intuitive display

Using an intuitive graphical display, the Quality Event Dashboard displays real-time information about process events generated by ProFicient.
This dashboard can be created so users see the quality events important to their area of responsibility. Attention-grabbing, color-coded icons, words, and frame graphics enable users to immediately spot where a quality event is occurring, as well as its severity.
Users can specify data refresh rates, time windows, background images, handling frames, process objects, and display elements to build truly powerful quality event dashboards. Users analyzing an event can print process activity reports, or export them as text or HTML files.

u-Chart of Major Defects
View more detail on a process

 Control charts are a click away

Real-time process review

The Quality Event Dashboard includes a Process Activity report that provides users with detailed information regarding the process and the quality events that have occurred.

Users simply click the event indicator, and the Process Activity report automatically displays. It contains detailed information about the process, part, most recent quality data, and event that has occurred. The control chart can also be displayed so users can immediately begin analyzing the issue.

Quality Event Dashboard
View the recent event history for any process

Graphically updated event status

The Quality Event Dashboard displays processes with specific icons to indicate event status. These can include  whether an event requires Assignable Cause Codes (ACCs) or Corrective Action Codes (CACs), and shows whether an event is flagged as open or closed.

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