Remote Alarm Monitoring Service (RAMS)/
Remote Event Monitoring Service (REMS)

Fully automate data monitoring for intelligent, rapid decision-making.

Automate shop floor data monitoring with real-time event logging. Manage quality by exception and provide closed-loop process control without requiring human intervention.

RAMS/REMS features 

Learn how RAMS/REMS features enhance real-time monitoring and analysis and
reduce operator workload.
Automated notifications

Automated notifications

Better understand and control manufacturing operations

Proactively manage quality through automated alerts that occur as soon as a process or quality alarm or defect occurs. Configure email notifications, flashing lights on the shop floor, audible alarms, customizable windows that can pop up on any workstation, and more. RAMS and REMS are Windows services that promote quality-data monitoring through real-time event-logging and alarming. Use these tools to manage quality by exception, with no human intervention required unless a predefined quality event occurs.

Multiple, configurable alerts and alarms

Customize rules and alarms to meet your needs

RAMS and REMS monitor selected data streams and look for chart patterns and control limit and specification limit violations. When a specific event is detected, REMS can launch pre-defined responses from third-party machine controllers, user-specified files, or applications—enabling these remote services to automatically identify alarms, pass information to external systems, and automate responses to quality issues while requiring minimal time and attention. Trigger alarms based on any combination of Western Electric rules. Trigger when a subgroup is edited or disabled or when a data value falls out of specification. Edit or modify default alarm rules to suit your specific needs, or create your own custom alarm rules.

Improved operator focus

Enable operators to focus on production tasks

Instead of spending valuable time logging quality events and manually monitoring the system, operators can focus on production tasks, only attending to quality issues when they occur. This reduces operator workload while maintaining visibility into critical process and quality events. These tools are particularly advantageous in heavily automated, streamlined data collection environments, where resources are focused on strategic quality initiatives as opposed to relentless process monitoring.
RAMS and REMS are Windows services that run in the background and do not require ProFicient to be running in order to function.

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