ProFicient on Demand Dedicated Subscription 

The power of ProFicient in a customized private-cloud environment that’s perfect for regulated industries. 

Cloud Capabilities:
Your Software, Your Users, Your Rules. 

Companies in highly regulated industries—or those that require direct control over software access and features—can have all the advantages of the cloud in a private, unshared environment.

With a ProFicient™ on Demand Dedicated Subscription from InfinityQS®, you gain: 

  • Support for FDA-validated quality systems 
  • Customized software and reporting integrations 
  • The ability to accommodate specialized features 
  • Extended charting capabilities 

All the Benefits of the Cloud—Under Your Control 

A Dedicated PoD subscription provides the ProFicient capabilities you need—with greater flexibility and autonomy than a public cloud solution. 
Reduce Validation Time & Costs
Control software validation to maintain FDA compliance.
Schedule Software Updates
Allow software updates on your schedule—not ours.
Customize Timeouts
Control system timeouts to prevent unnecessary user logouts.
Add Third-party Software
Integrate the software tools your teams need most.
Share Reports
Email charts, graphs, and reports to essential non-user team members.
Adapt as You Grow
Optionally add computing resources or features to enhance performance. 

Keep Processes in Control—
and Stakeholders on the Same Page 

Get the functionality you need, the way you need it. 

Validated and Stable

Accurate data and trackable documentation are essential for proving compliance. When you’ve gone to the expense and effort of validating software, any updates or changes must be managed down to the last detail. With a Dedicated PoD subscription, you control the timing and extent of any updates.  

Maintain Data Consistency Across Applications

Consolidating data across third-party applications? It’s easy with Dedicated PoD. Custom integrations enable seamless information flow between PoD and your other enterprise systems, so you can maintain consistent data formats, nomenclature, parts numbers, and more. 

Save Time by Sharing Reports 

While it’s essential to have licenses for all your active users, non-licensed stakeholders may also need information and updates from PoD. Instead of creating separate reports outside the system, you can simply share the reports you already have—in the formats you already use.  

Imagine the Possibilities 

What do you need to do today? What will you need tomorrow? Your Dedicated PoD solution enables you to modify existing features or add custom functionality to suit your specific requirements. Our PoD Operations Team will work with you to bring your custom features to life. 

Get the Advantages of the Cloud—
Up and Running Fast 

With a Dedicated ProFicient on Demand subscription, all you need is an internet connection to quickly establish browser-based access. A simple plug-in takes the place of lengthy PC- or server-based installations, minimizing your upfront investment. 

Cloud-based quality management provides significant strategic advantages, including  

  • Total data visibility: A single version of the truth for all stakeholders 
  • Ease of deployment: Scale easily and automatically 
  • Access from any device: Real-time data through any browser 
  • Standardization: Make quality monitoring more effective and efficient across sites 
  • Reduce operational costs: Reduce infrastructure and IT support 

Take the first step from quality to excellence