InfinityQS ProFicient Advanced Reporting SuiteAdvanced Reporting Suite

Manufacturing Intelligence for continuous quality improvement

Quality Management has a material effect on the bottom line because it delivers visibility and insights that help you identify areas of waste, sources of hidden costs, and opportunities for increasing the profit margin. 

The reporting capabilities of ProFicient™ Statistical Process Control (SPC) software show the big picture and can point the way to differences between manufacturing lines, shifts, products, and any other cross-section of the data in the Unified Data Repository.

The Advanced Reporting Suite from ProFicient brings the ability to transform your enterprise.

Monitor quality levels across the enterprise.
Track performance through a summary view of KPIs and quality metrics. Customize the view to see the metrics you need.
Easily create reports, charts, or graphs on the fly.
Spend more time reviewing and analyzing results and less time determining how to patch together data. ProFicient supports quality teams with reporting, data mining, and distribution capabilities.
Bring the entire organization onto the same page.
Finally have conversations where everyone speaks the same language and all can access centralized data housed under the same standardized naming conventions and metrics.
Provide visibility into production based on the role of the viewer.
Everyone plays a role in improving quality, so help each user create and run the analysis they need. Get the word out about quality to a broader audience and distribute preconfigured reports to non-licensed colleagues.
Take the guesswork out of continuous improvement activities.
Bring conversations about quality metrics and analytics to the watercooler as ProFicient acts as a consistent source of Manufacturing Intelligence. As use of the resulting metrics and analytics becomes more pervasive, the quality team can make better decisions faster.
Make strategic decisions across the enterprise.
Use ProFicient to review high-level trend and summary charts to quickly see which plants, production lines, or shifts have the biggest production and quality issues. Determine the strategy and priorities, then drill down to pinpoint and further investigate root causes and take corrective actions.

Take the first step from quality to excellence