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Improving quality levels requires good, actionable data. Many times, projects stumble due to the difficulties of manufacturing data collection and determining the key parameters that give data value. For example, data may reside in more than one software system; different sources may have incompatible data formats; and complex IT infrastructures can make it difficult for business users to find their data.

The advanced SPC Data Collection and Integration capabilities of the InfinityQS® ProFicient™ solution
provide the critical link of information between the shop floor and the rest of the organization.

SPC Data Collection & Integration from ProFicient enhances your team's capabilities.

Eliminate the complexity of getting data into the software.
Focus on continuous improvement efforts rather than endless data-loading exercises.
Obtain a complete picture of manufacturing operations.
Integrate all the data you need from all your silos without placing demands on IT resources or waiting until a quality team member frees up time to import and export data.
Include data from other commonly used software.
Stop worrying about what might have been missed in your old, complex data standardization process; spend less time just getting data from your existing systems and jump-start your quality improvement efforts.
Adjust the level of automation for data collection.
Create a start-small/win-big approach and roll out SPC data collection projects at your own pace.
Collect data in any environment.
Use any mobile device as an untethered way to collect and enter data into the system.

Take the first step from quality to excellence