InfinityQS ProFicient Real-Time Monitoring & AnalysisReal-Time Monitoring & Analysis

SPC software for manufacturers

When do you need to identify and resolve quality problems? 
  • Before the issue of recalls. 
  • Before customers complain. 
  • Before problems happen in the field.
Visual cues and control chart software give operators and the quality team the information they need to proactively control processes and prevent quality problems before they occur.

ProFicient real-time monitoring software from InfinityQS® enhances your responsiveness.

Keep in front of any problems with real-time visibility.
Stop trying to solve problems after the fact; intervene earlier to prevent costly scrap, time-consuming rework, or upset customers.
Understand what's happening through a suite of statistical charts and visualizations.
Take control and quickly assess the current situation by using real-time charts and alerts.
Create views based on user role or purpose.
Limit or expand access to charts, data, and reports with role-tailored settings.
Ensure key team members stay in the loop.
Empower operators, quality teams, and executives with all the information they need, presented in a clear and timely manner.

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In addition to a wide variety of reports and statistical analyses, ProFicient offers more than 300 types of quality control charts. This means you have extraordinary flexibility for applying the exact chart needed for your unique situation. Read more

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InfinityQS® works with manufacturers of all sizes across every industry sector. Whether your company has one manufacturing site or is a global enterprise, ProFicient is your best option for real-time Quality Management.

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