InfinityQS ProFicient Unified Data RepositoryUnified Data Repository

Centralized Quality Management driven by SPC

The core of any quality initiative is the Statistical Process Control (SPC) database that centralizes information from a variety of sources. The ProFicient™ Unified Data Repository enables all of the other activities in our platform by powering all data collection, automation, monitoring, and analytical efforts.
Whether your manufacturing organization’s initiative covers setting up a single department at one location or uniting data from multiple, disparate sites, the Unified Data Repository is the statistical engine that processes and efficiently manages the data.

The Unified Data Repository from InfinityQS empowers your teams and drives excellence in your organization.

Unify all data into a central repository that lets everyone understand quality levels.
Avoid decisions made using incomplete data. A centralized database prevents data silos, eliminates duplicate or unusable data, and improves synchronization efforts.
Easily access and select the data you need for your analysis — without IT.
Now, you don’t have to wait for an IT or support staff member to build another custom link between systems or a time-consuming data import or export. Empowered users with the right security levels can leverage any of the SPC data in ProFicient.
Save time with one step to set up or change data values across the system.
ProFicient provides an easy way for administrators to initially set up or maintain the program. A single update will reflect globally across the system.
Enable everyone with the analytics they need.
Users access and report on data directly from the system without having to worry about how they will merge data sources or tie together different machines, lines, and resources.

Take the first step from quality to excellence