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Services 5.004.4008 | Released: June 17, 2021

Single Sign On – Azure AD Authentication (17376)

ProFicient on Demand (PoD) now supports Single Sign On via Microsoft Azure AD (Active Directory) authentication. This makes logging into PoD easier than ever, as it eliminates the need to log in to both Windows and PoD. You can enable Single Sign On using a preference setting in the Security Policy| Password Configuration area of the Proficient Advanced Database Manager.

Enhanced Data Security (17741)
High impact ProFicient database operations have been removed from the ProFicient Database Manager menu item list including: Delete All Subgroups, Delete All Process Events, Delete Entire Database, and Drop All Tables. ProFicient administrators can instead perform these high-impact database operations using the new ProFicient Database Administrator Utility (iiDBAdmin.exe). This change prevents non-administrators from severely damaging the ProFicient database, thereby enhancing data security.

Digital Signatures Included with ProFicient Executable Files (17552)
ProFicient now includes digital signatures, or certificates, for all of its executable files (.exe). This enhancement supports commonly employed security restrictions for verifying applications running within our client’s IT infrastructure.

Performance Enhancement for Specification Limit Records (17543)
ProFicient has been enhanced to better handle queries for Parts that have tens of thousands of specification limits records. Depending on the project file (IPJ) settings, this enhancement can yield a performance boost for Data Entry Configurations (DEC) load times, and load times for View Data, Box & Whisker, and Control charts).

Support for a New Language: Polish (17545)
The Polish language is now supported by ProFicient and can be selected as the installation language. Polish can also be selected to be used with the ProFicient database. This addition supports global manufacturers with facilities in Poland.

Other Enhancements

Improved Warning Limit Colors (17547): The Display Warning Limit Message window has been enhanced to display a yellow warning if a subgroup value violates a warning limit. If an entered subgroup value violates a specification limit, a red warning is displayed. In prior versions, both violation types triggered a red message window.   

Numeric Keypad Enhancement (17550): The Numeric Keypad will now remain open until all values have been entered, or until the user clicks OK. This improves the usability of the keypad feature.

Lot Acceptance Sampling Report Enhancement (17662): The Lot Acceptance Sampling Report has been improved to display only Lots that belong to the Site to which the user is linked. This improvement ensures that only information important to the user is displayed. 


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