ProFicient What’s New Archive

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ProFicient 5.004.2009 | Released: December 26, 2018​

Following are highlights included in this release.
  • Expanded Alarm Rules
    • A new alarm type has been added to ProFicient. Users can now alarm on the Cpk Below Target condition.
    • This new alarm type can be used in a custom alarm rule and alarm rule assignment for a specific process/test/chart scenario.
    • The ability to generate and receive notifications when a given data stream drifts below its targeted Cpk provides the ability to proactively perform any process adjustments needed to get Cpk back on track.
  • Enhanced Data Code Options
    • Date codes come in a wide variety of formats. These enhancements expand your highly flexible date code functionality.
    • Three new Date Code time format options have been added to ProFicient to support more data code implementations across industry.
      • T0 (24 Time 2 digits), T000 (24 Time 4 digits), T0:00 (24 Time 4 digits plus separator).
      • Supports a wider range of 24-hour date code formats.
    • To better support data code standards in Canada and Mexico, we have added a new three (3) letter and a new two (2) letter month and day format. 
  • More Flexible RAMS Email Functionality
    • Remote Alarm Monitoring Service (RAMS) users can now include or exclude various types of content from the emails sent by RAMS, including: subgroup information, subgroup descriptors, subgroup test values, and subgroup comments.
    • A new, simple, short subject line option has been added to RAMS, in addition to the existing long or traditional subject line option.
    • These enhancements enable you to greatly simplify the notification content and subject lines sent by RAMS. This is especially important when viewing data on mobile devices.
  • New REMS Task Wait Option
    • Remote Event Monitoring Service (REMS) now offers a new /Wait switch, which enables custom wait times between REMS tasks.
    • This enhancement allows you to set a pause in REMS to help ensure proper system performance if there is slow network performance.
  • Various bugs were fixed
ProFicient 5.004.1001 | Released: March 7, 2018​
Below are the highlights of this release.
  • Automated email communications now use the Employee Name.
  • Auto selection for GTS gage IDs has been improved. Incorrect gage IDs are no longer auto selected.
  • Data entry dialogs now automatically resize to display additional descriptors and tests.
  • Various bugs were fixed


Services 5.4.3006 | Released: December 11, 2018
Following are highlights included in this release.
  • Enterprise Integration Service (EIS) enhanced its retry functionality to be more reliable.
  • The Data Collection Service (DCS) was enhanced to support Enact Q4 Update changes, including new tags and a new Department hierarchy requirement.
  • Various bugs were fixed in DCS, Mail Service, and Language Configuration.
Services 5.4.2003 | Released: September 21, 2018
Below are the highlights of this release.
  • DMS and EIS licensing requirements were changed to support Enact. No changes were made to DMS or EIS licensing for ProFicient.
  • EIS email notifications are now more reliable – emails are sent to all selected notification types. The Idle notification type was also removed since it does not apply to EIS.
  • Various bugs were fixed in DCS, EIS, and the Event Viewer