ProFicient 5.4.1001/Services 5.4.2

ProFicient 5.4.1001 

Below are the highlights of this release.

  • Automated email communications now use the Employee Name.
  • Auto selection for GTS gage IDs has been improved. Incorrect gage IDs are no longer auto selected.
  • Data entry dialogs now automatically resize to display additional descriptors and tests.
  • Various bugs were fixed

Services 5.4.2 

Below are the highlights of this release.

  • DMS and EIS licensing requirements were changed to support Enact. No changes were made to DMS or EIS licensing for ProFicient.
  • EIS email notifications are now more reliable – emails are sent to all selected notification types. The Idle notification type was also removed since it does not apply to EIS.
  • Various bugs were fixed in DCS, EIS, and the Event Viewer