Full Deployment of Your Quality Software: the Sweet Smell of Success

Brad Forrest
By Brad Forrest | February 20, 2020
Account Manager

Fact checked by Stephen O'Reilly

In my many years at InfinityQS, I’ve witnessed the highs and lows of implementing our quality management software solutions. Both the successes and the failures. Which begs the question, “how do you measure true success?” What jumps to mind is, predictably, profitability. It’s always about improving the bottom line. 
Does the endeavor at which you were “successful” somehow enhance your organization’s ability to make money? I think we can all agree that a yes would definitely point to some form of success. It’s why we’re in business; it’s what we all strive for. It’s a good measuring stick.  Unfortunately, in many situations, it might be the only measuring stick.
Deployment Success

Measuring Success

Another form of measured success is a growing number of customers. Did your customer base grow? Every company needs customers. You should probably never feel like you have enough customers. When you think about it, this harkens right back to my original answer, because more customers means more profits, right?
How about employee satisfaction? Keeping your employees happy means they’re probably satisfied, motivated, enjoying the work, helping your organization do both of the above: increase profits and retain (or get new) customers. Excellent! But I must return to the original thought, or thesis, which is this: when it comes to your software deployment or implementation, how do you ensure success? Obviously, I think it requires a level of expertise, experience, and professionalism. Those words describe our Engineering Services team to a T.

Our Engineering Services

Let me begin by saying that we like to call our customers “clients,” because when we enter into a business agreement with a company, we are forming a relationship, and a partnership. Therefore, the term client is more appropriate. Clients who have utilized our engineering team and consulting services for help with their initial implementation of InfinityQS quality software (ProFicient and Enact®)—whether it’s a proof of concept, a limited-scope pilot, or an implementation for the entire plant—have almost always generated a success story. And that clearly demonstrates the value and benefits generated from the system. (And who doesn’t love (need?) a good success story?)
Clients who don’t believe the investment in consulting services is worthwhile and don’t utilize our Engineering Services team to help jump-start the project, typically see a project that struggles to generate a clear success story, and always takes much longer to complete (if they even complete it at all).  And we all know, in the world of manufacturing, there are always problems which need immediate attention and force the re-prioritizing of schedules. Which just makes it too easy to drop the implementation project with the intent of "returning to it later.”
Quality Management Software

Tip of the Spear

There are always exceptions for both of the statements above. I have seen clients successfully complete their implementations without using InfinityQS’ Engineering Services because they have someone on the project team with considerable previous experience using (or implementing) InfinityQS, or their Project Manager has a strong enough skill set to make it successful. Or maybe the company’s Executive Leadership team has made it a priority and dedicated the appropriate resources to the project.  Likewise, I have also seen projects that utilized InfinityQS’ Engineering Services not succeed, for a variety of reasons.
Based on my experience, I always recommend making at least a small investment in utilizing InfinityQS’ Engineering Services for assistance and guidance when starting an implementation. The potential magnitude of the return on the investment can be tremendous. Your own team members are all experts in their respective roles at your organization and understand your operations better than anyone else; combine them with InfinityQS engineers—who are quality management and software implementation experts—and you’ve got quite a formidable group to spearhead your implementation project.

The Quality Team

The InfinityQS Engineering team members are all experts in how to best leverage the full capabilities and flexibility of our software. Working together, the two teams essentially “marry” your expertise in your operations with our engineers’ expertise in how to best utilize ProFicient or Enact, and the end results set the groundwork for a larger (global) deployment that clearly stands out and shows the value and benefits (ROI) of the project to the entire organization. And that is how you reach the elusive “sweet smell of success.”
Manufacturers performing quality control checks

Do Not Go It Alone

So, why go it alone? Why not use the expertise that’s right there, at your fingertips? Well, sometimes clients think they can do it on their own because they don’t want to spend the money. I get it. Nobody likes to spend money if they don’t have to. So, typically, they start working on their implementation, and it kind of drags on a little bit. Then it drags on a little more. And then it’s just a drag. It’s like they never get to the finish line. And that’s a big drag.
Sometimes an implementation struggles because, while they’re trying to work on the project, the team gets pulled away to put out the latest “fire”: a line needs adjustment, a recall, an issue with a particular machine that is particularly difficult to remedy, a very important report which is needed ‘yesterday’. There are a million reasons. And they all point to one thing: leverage other resources, our Engineering Services team; let our people do what they do best, and let your people do the job they do best.
Sometimes an implementation drags on and on because your implementation team leader (or sometimes the entire team) is pulled away to help respond to a customer complaint, or to get ready or help with an audit. There are a million reasons, and none of them seem worth the delay…or the cost. Delayed implementations also carry an “opportunity” cost. That is, if a quality solution is going to reduce your production costs, each day it is not being utilized you the lose the savings you were going to generate.
Whatever the reason for not using our Quality Engineering Services team, it usually results in the same thing: the implementation was less successful than if they HAD utilized our engineers. MORE time (remember, time = $) spent on the implementation by your own people. MORE money out of pocket as a result. And that just goes against the definition of success discussed earlier. How can you justify implementing anything if it costs your people tons of time and thereby cuts into your organization’s profit margin? Answer: it CAN’T. It WON’T. It DOESN’T.
Quality Engineering Services Team

What We Offer

So, our two groups, Engineering Services and Technical Support, offer just about everything you could possibly need as a client. Technical Support handles things like the nuances of configuration, changing settings, setting up reports, things like that. Usually items that can be handled over the phone in 15 or 20 minutes.
Typically, you get to Engineering Services through folks like me, one of the InfinityQS Account Managers. Whether we’re talking about a new site for a current client or for a new client, we would usually talk first about the scope of what is required. We would define the scope and provide you with a Statement of Work (SOW) that contains the number of hours we would expect to work on a particular project for the agreed-upon scope. Next our team would send you a price quote based on the SOW.
We’re experts in everything to do with the software, including implementation; you are the experts in how your plant runs. Let’s get the two teams together and utilize this incredible quality management software to the fullest potential possible, as quickly as possible. We can help ensure that your implementation is a success in every way: happier customers, bigger profits, and happy employees. Let’s make it happen—together!
Take advantage of the technology at your fingertips today: contact one of our account managers (1.800.772.7978 or via our website) for more information.


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