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Transform quality across the enterprise with InfinityQS
When you embed quality in every process, at every site, and at every level of your enterprise, you enable nothing short of a business transformation. With InfinityQS® solutions, you gain the visibility and insight to oversee quality across the enterprise and proactively drive continuous improvement throughout your entire business.
Exceed customer expectations with InfinityQS
Customers demand high quality and reliable products. You need proven, efficient methods to meet those demands. One faulty process can set back both production and customer loyalty. With InfinityQS, you get solutions that help you respond to customer needs—quickly, flexibly, and consistently.
Meet compliance and security demands with InfinityQS
In today’s global market, you must juggle the details of multiple national and international regulations, compliance, and security requirements. Meeting those expectations can drain time, energy, and resources.
InfinityQS solutions provide automated, customizable, enterprise-wide quality-data collection, analysis, and reporting so you can keep production moving and satisfy compliance and auditing demands. And InfinityQS follows best practices to help keep your data encrypted and safe. In addition, InfinityQS is ISO 27001 certified to meet both security and quality standards.
Maximize your existing resources and ROI with InfinityQS
Save money and time thanks to InfinityQS solutions’ easy integration with your manufacturing systems. Our flexible solutions support communications with most of the systems you already use. Plus, InfinityQS supports self-service, on-demand reporting and customizable configurations.

Support your teams

Enterprise efficiency
Transform enterprise efficiency through quality improvements.
Customer connections
Boost customer loyalty and protect your brand.
Improved quality
Improve product quality, consistency, and traceability.
Easier audits
Improve audit responsiveness and performance.
Unified data
Achieve a centralized data repository for strategic insight and enterprise-wide visibility into quality data.
Better backups
Meet corporate requirements for backups, disaster recovery, and data protection.
Support existing infrastructure while gaining the ability to scale and take advantage of new and emerging technologies and cloud capabilities.
Lower costs
Reduce costs and rapidly achieve ROI.

Platform benefits and features

Centralize and unify data

Centralize and unify data

Enable accurate, reliable analysis and strategic decision making.
Improve security compliance

Improve security compliance

Get flexible support for granular roles and permissions and 256-bit encryption technology.

Enable complete data traceability for better compliance

Enable complete data traceability for better compliance

Track and record edits, modifications, and deletes .
Gain a true enterprise-wide solution

Gain a true enterprise-wide solution

Scale systems easily across geographically dispersed sites.
Improve training and operations

Improve training and operations

Gain strategic visibility into shifts, people, and production lines.
Enable configurable graphs and reports

Enable configurable graphs and reports

Gain flexible reporting functionality and robust statistics.
Support customer requirements

Support customer requirements

Get the data you need to provide notifications of concern, reduce inspections, and meet auditing requirements.

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