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Monitor supplier quality with InfinityQS
Product quality depends largely on the quality of your suppliers. Inconsistent or low-quality materials and incoming lots can lead to long-term problems and can cost billions of dollars annually. Monitoring and managing risk within your supply network is a strategic imperative.

Supplier Quality Management and performance monitoring are key tasks for any quality team. InfinityQS® provides visibility into supplier operations and quality programs such as Six Sigma to help you ensure the quality of incoming product and minimize or prevent supply chain disruptions.
Improve product quality with InfinityQS
Whether you run one manufacturing site or a multisite, large-scale enterprise, your reputation hinges on product quality. To be a true quality leader, you need the ability to collect and parse quality data from across your supply chain, your organization, and individual processes.

InfinityQS solutions provide automated, real-time, feature-rich options for such tasks. With one unified view of enterprise-wide quality data, you can prioritize and continuously enhance the quality of your product, processes, and overall operations.
Satisfy customers with InfinityQS
When you can predict errors before they occur and take corrective actions to prevent quality issues, you don't just reduce waste and avoid costly recalls—you outpace the competition.

InfinityQS solutions help you reduce risk, maintain high quality across the supply chain, and deliver the product your customers expect and demand—quickly, flexibly, and consistently.
Minimize recalls with InfinityQS
Product recalls are a growing—and expensive—issue for today's manufacturers. Process variation can lead to waste and rework; lack of far-reaching, unified, real-time quality and process data can delay decisions and corrective actions.

Fortunately, InfinityQS solutions provide advanced data collection and reporting to enable intelligent, actionable insight. Reveal issues with received goods, troublesome parts or machinery, or faulty processes—before they reach a critical stage. Automated, configurable, enterprise-wide quality-data collection, analysis, and reporting help you keep production moving and satisfy compliance and auditing demands.
Identify improvement opportunities with InfinityQS
With technology and product lines expanding faster than ever, you need a way to keep on top of all the moving parts in your manufacturing organization. InfinityQS provides configurable reports that allow you to consistently and effectively review and analyze your quality data in a way that works for you.
Get real-time quality data when and where you need it, with flexible, configurable, on-demand reporting. Use historical and trending information to identify improvement opportunities across the enterprise. With centralized management of data collection, analysis, reporting, and supporting information, you can be confident in your quality- and regulatory-related information—and your team’s effective use of that knowledge.

Support your teams

Reduced costs
Reduce costs by improving quality processes and maximizing resources.
Better quality
Improve quality, efficiency, traceability, and consistency.
Customer connections
Boost customer loyalty and protect your brand.
Minimized risks
Reduce recall risk and minimize negative impacts.
Initiative support
Identify and support continuous improvement, Lean, and Six Sigma initiatives.
Automated data collection
Centralize, unify, and automate enterprise-wide data collection and analysis.
Better responsiveness
Improve audit responsiveness and performance and reduce audit time.
Customizable reports
Configure reports according to customer or departmental needs.

Platform benefits and features

Gain visibility into shifts, people, and processes

Gain visibility into shifts, people, and processes

Improve training and operations as well as quality and consistency.
Centralize and unify data

Centralize and unify data

Automate data collection and create a central repository for all quality-related data.
Produce accurate, reliable analysis

Produce accurate, reliable analysis

Get actionable insight that supports a variety of processes.
Enable standardized, configurable reports

Enable standardized, configurable reports

Pull real-time and historical information from enterprise-wide, unified datasets to produce targeted reports.
Easily adjust and update quality and data collection

Easily adjust and update quality and data collection

Just one step covers processes and requirements across all locations.

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