The Top 3 Things that Make InfinityQS Service Providers Special

Rick Sloop
By Rick Sloop | August 23, 2018
Director, Service Programs
As Director of Service Programs here at InfinityQS, I work closely with our Service Provider partners, and I can’t say enough about how much they do, how helpful they are to our customers, and how professional they are. I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts about our Service Providers for those readers who may not be familiar with our program.
InfinityQS’ Service Provider partners comprise a growing group of technical companies around the world that extend the reach of our company, making our products available to, and servicing, our customers—with our world-class manufacturing quality software. What makes our Service Provider partners special? I can easily put that into three very important words: dedication, passion, and commitment.

What Makes an InfinityQS Service Provider?

An InfinityQS independent Service Provider is first and foremost a partner, working closely with our engineers to learn our products and how best to help our customers. They become experts in all aspects of our software by going through our Excellence in Service Program (ESP), which provides our Service Providers with the training necessary to deploy, configure, and support our manufacturing quality software products. In fact, they receive about 100 hours of training before they work with customers directly.
Service Providers are experts in InfinityQS software 
ESP Service Providers are assigned a status level based on the volume, complexity, and customer satisfaction of their work. For example, a “Gold Level” Service Provider must maintain a 3.75 (on a scale of 5) customer satisfaction rating and complete approximately 12 implementations within a 12-month period to maintain their status.

Ensuring Top-Notch Service

To ensure that customers are always happy, InfinityQS provides them with an anonymous satisfaction survey following each completed service. This enables InfinityQS to keep close tabs on our Service Providers, ensuring that our customers always get first-class treatment.

Where are Our Service Providers Located?

InfinityQS ESP Service Providers have offices on five continents and support more than a dozen languages. That’s key to our Service Providers’ success. No matter where you are located, chances are we have a Service Provider available who speaks your language. World-wide coverage for our world-class products.
InfinityQS Service Providers' global reach 
Let’s take a closer look at who our Service Providers are.

Who are the InfinityQS Service Providers?

Our Service Providers are a diverse group and, as noted above, they’re “all over the map.” I encourage you to click the links provided below to discover more about these companies and how they fit into the InfinityQS ESP Service Provider program.
PA SolutionsProcess Automation Solutions (PA Solutions): PA Solutions provides engineering and consulting services in Process Control, Automation, Manufacturing IT, Instrumentation & Controls, and Project Management. Their Quality Management for Manufacturing (QMM) practice focuses on the design and deployment of InfinityQS SPC quality management software solutions, ProFicient™ and Enact™. 1300 PA Solutions employees support projects in 16 countries around the globe.
HarboRHarboR Informatica Industrial: HarboR, a Brazilian company, develops custom systems and deploys third-party products for MES, Quality Control, and Business Intelligence throughout North and South America, Asia, and Europe—remotely or on-site. Their team of engineers is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, and is experienced in industries such as Packaging, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices.
Qsutra: Qsutra is a progressive IT Systems Integrator & Business Solutions provider who integrates InfinityQS Proficient for organizations in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging, and general manufacturing industries. The company assists customers in Automating & Optimizing Operations, Increasing Efficiency & Productivity, Improving Product & Process Quality, Reducing Manufacturing & Operational Costs, and Maintaining Traceability & Compliance.
Sage ClaritySage Clarity: Sage Clarity provides manufacturing solutions to enable enterprise-wide quality control. Through InfinityQS products, they combine best-of-breed software applications with unique advisory services to maximize customers' investments.
QS SoftwareQS Software: QS Software supplies statistical process control (SPC), quality management, compliance management, and general statistics software solutions. They have served as an InfinityQS international distributor and Service Provider to more than 100 companies in southern Africa for the past 15 years.
RiverPlusRiverPlus: The RiverPlus Company is an experienced systems integrator of manufacturing quality software solutions. They deliver the best-in-class technology necessary for designing, deploying, implementing, and training customers in InfinityQS' real-time SPC solutions for manufacturing environments.

What Sets InfinityQS Service Providers Apart


InfinityQS customer support relies on dedicated companies (like the diverse group listed above) within regions that we just can’t reach. Regions like South America, South Africa, India, and Thailand, to name just a few. Our Service Providers are dedicated to getting our customers started, keeping them up and running, and supplying technical support (and more) in the proper language.
Dedicated InfinityQS Service Providers 
As a customer, having someone speak your language, and know your culture, is invaluable. There’s a level of comfort there that cannot be overstated. Our Service Providers get involved in everything from sales to implementation, including design, follow-up, and tech support throughout the life of the product at the customer’s facility.
Our Service Providers are dedicated to getting involved, getting their hands dirty, keeping things running, and keeping our customers happy. 

Passionate InfinityQS Service ProvidersPassion

InfinityQS Service Providers are passionate because they care deeply about quality. In some cases, they are small companies that cover a large geographical area and do quite a lot. For instance, one of our Service Providers covers South Africa. It’s a small operation, but they service many companies, including a world leader in the beverage industry.

In many instances, our Service Providers have worked with our customers for many years. The great relationships they form are personal, and they’re passionate about keeping those customers happy and making sure their quality endeavors are successful. 


InfinityQS Service Provider partners are committed to quality…and to our customers. Because they establish long-lasting relationships with our customers, they get involved and they stay involved.
Committed InfinityQS Service Providers 
InfinityQS focuses on our software products and, naturally, on quality. Our Service Providers offer a wide variety of skills and can take it a step further, helping our customers with things like integration, database, or SQL expertise, or some manufacturing detail that we just would not know. They offer customers a range of services that go beyond just quality software.
Their commitment to our customers is a strong reason why we know our quality software is in good hands and will always be supported by professionals.

In Closing

Let me just say in closing that in addition to offering world-class quality solutions, InfinityQS also offers a network of Service Provider partners that go the extra mile. They are dedicated, passionate, and committed to our customers’ success.
Learn more about our Service Provider partners and all they have to offer.

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