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Rayovac to Be Featured on "Factory Floor with Marshall Brain"

Rayovac Batteries' Fennimore, WI Production Plant Featured in Upcoming Episode of National Geographic Channel Show on Thursday, December 4th

SPC, the Big Picture

A few weeks ago, I found myself and my family on a beach making a sand castle. It was the last day of our vacation and shortly after we began working the warm South Carolina sand, an official approached us and asked if we would like to be contestants in the weekly sand sculpture contest. Why not?

At Their Fingertips

Software monitors and charts product quality data in real-time

SPC Automates Quality Control

Headquartered in Waterloo, WI, Trek Bicycle Corp. is a well-known name in bicycle design and manufacture.

Alcan Uses SPC System for Vial QA

Alcan Global Pharmaceutical Packaging—Glass Tubing Americas (Millville, NJ) works closely with pharma and bio-pharma customers to ensure that vials and ampules meet customer requirements.

3 "Nevers" of Control Limits, Part 3

Never arbitrarily widen control limits

3 "Nevers" of Control Limits, Part 2

Never allow control limits to be automatically recalculated

3 "Nevers" of Control Limits, Part 1

I don't believe in ghosts. Yet quality professionals chase them every day. Why? Because erroneous control limits tell them to. Control limits should be statistically based, 100-percent reliable, and reveal natural process variability.

The Year of the Recall

With product recalls and quality issues on the rise, more and more manufacturers are turning to statistical process control.

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