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Field Report: Infusion 2011 (Quality Digest)

As with enlightenment, there are many paths to quality improvement. Trade shows, seminars, and live video demos are all effective ways to keep on top of the latest developments in the industry.

A Broader View of Quality Through Certification (ASQ)

When Nancy Garcia of InfinityQS obtained ASQ certifications, she didn't just collect more credentials to buffer her business card; she obtained a broader view of quality that has helped her deliver top-notch service to her clients—and they're taking notice.

How to Ensure Quality Across the Supply Chain

Quality problems emanating from suppliers or outsourcing partners can hurt your brand and your business. Here are some software options to detect, control, and prevent these concerns.

Tracing Quality Improvement Shows Manufacturing's Value (Automation World)

Manufacturing executives are under tremendous pressure to justify their relevance to their corporate overseers.

Quality Management From the Cloud (Managing Automation)

InfinityQS rolls out ProFicient on Demand, a Web-based version of its statistical process control software that extends quality management to remote facilities and provides visibility across the supply chain.

Software & Analysis: Advances in Mobile Data Collection Extend Quality’s Reach (Quality Magazine)

Today's portable devices allow quality analysis technologies to extend beyond the plant floor for complete traceability and enhanced collaboration.

A Prudent Investment

Investing in the right software keeps you on the leading edge of productivity and compliance. 

Plant of the Year: Shearer’s Foods Rethinks the Food Plant (Food Engineering)

Some additional upfront cost already is paying dividends to this manufacturing organization, with the biggest returns yet to come.

Report on Career and Development of Chinese Quality Professionals Officially Released

On February 25, the news conference for 2010 Survey Report on Career and Development of Chinese Quality Professionals sponsored by InfinityQS China was held in Jianguo Hotel Beijing

50 Years of Quality: SPC Unleashed (Quality Magazine)

Since the introduction of computers in the manufacturing process, the capabilities of SPC have grown.

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