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Coty Saves Over $270,000 with Statistical Process Control

How the beauty company used a real-time manufacturing Intelligence platform to evaluate its filling process and cut costs.

The Beauty of Process Efficiency

In the last two years, global beauty and fragrance leader Coty has seen significant financial and resource savings with the implementation of statistical process control (SPC) on its filling lines.

Use manufacturing intelligence to find value in process-control data

It’s better when you can see the forest, trees of greatest interest and relevant woodland conditions

Operations: Quality Data for Today and Tomorrow

There is a reason the phrase "drowning in data" joined the popular lexicon. Not only is data everywhere, but the speed at which it can be captured seems to multiply exponentially with every turn of a calendar page.

At Laid-Back Ben & Jerry's, a Push for Stricter Quality Control

Growth in sales was making it tougher for the popular maker of premium ice cream to keep tabs on its production line. New software to ensure manufacturing quality was needed.

Made in China: Using Manufacturing Intelligence to Overcome Shifting Dynamics

Made in China is one of the most ubiquitous phrases in the modern manufacturing era. To many, the made-in-China tag is a symbol of the decades of manufacturing and economic growth that has propelled China to greater prominence on the world stage.

Measuring The Impact: Quality Metrics And Manufacturing Intelligence

What if you could report to your board room that reducing scrap has increased your company’s profit by 10 percent? Or, what if you could show plant managers that exactly 15 defects occurred within a particular shift?

They Kill Trees for That? How to Cut Paper in Your Plant

In the last several years, I have visited many manufacturing plants including those for packaging, medical devices, electronics, consumer goods and food.

‘Boat-to-Plate’ Traceability

Listeria in wild Alaskan sockeye salmon and apples. Salmonella in peanut butter and cantaloupe. E.coli in spinach and lettuce.

How to Determine In-Process Sampling Strategies

Determining an effective in-process sampling strategy can be a tricky business. What should you measure? What should your sample size be? What are the pitfalls?

Mobile Quality (Quality Manfuacturing Today)

From smartphones to tablets to laptops, mobile devices are becoming the standard in virtually every industry, with the number of smartphones surpassing one billion worldwide this year, according to Strategy Analytics.

Total Quality Management (Quality Magazine)

Total quality management software provides a centralized quality hub.

Knowing the Data Is Half the Battle (Quality Digest)

“If only I had known.” This phrase has been uttered countless times by nearly everyone. Additional information or a different vantage point could help us know when to buy or sell stock (“I should have bought that Google stock at the IPO”), what birthday presents to buy (“I wish I knew their son already had that video game”), how we maneuver our vehicles (“Your friend could’ve told me he parked right behind me”), and many other instances in our personal lives.

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