NorthStar Battery

Real-Time SPC Benefits

Michael Rossi, Quality Engineer at NorthStar Battery, talks about his company's experience with the InfinityQS® real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) solution, ProFicient™. NorthStar Battery produces lead-acid batteries for the use of telecommunications, cell phone towers, and engines. The company's facility in Springfield, Missouri, performs full-lifecycle manufacturing from beginning to end. As a Quality Engineer, Rossi spends a lot of time performing data analysis and implementing Six Sigma projects. Some of the projects include weight variation projects and data analysis to determine the root cause of any quality issues. 

NorthStar is using ProFicient in a sub-assembly area, which includes manual data entry and the use of a gauge server. The company recently began using ProFicient’s Data Management System (DMS) and Data Collection Service (DCS), which allow teams to pull data from a SQL table into the ProFicient database, updating their charts in real time. Rossi points to access to real-time data as a key benefit of the system because it allows them to react immdiatel, rather than waiting until the end of the day or the end of the week, when a problem has already happened. With real-time data, teams can make adjustments to the system after they see one or two failed data points rather than a day or a week later. 

Rossi points out that while SPC has been around a long time, electronic SPC offers additional benefits that outweigh traditional manual recording methods, especially through the availability of real-time data. For NorthStar, ProFicient has become an integral, dependable part of their manufacturing processes that is helping them move in the right direction.

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