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Product Development Team

Video Transcription

Enact enables manufacturing intelligence.

Doug Fair (Chief Operating Officer): It’s easy to gather data. They’ve got automated means of doing it and for the most part there’s overload out there and so companies, they want to add to them that data but they don’t necessarily have the mean of being able to analyze quality management in such a way so as to identify what needs to be improved and so imagine instead having all of these different silos of data like organizations have today, imagine all that quality data is centralized in one place, so even though the data may look different in different systems, is all flowing into one place and we call that place the unified data repository and from that unified data repository, you can access it at any time, there’s no waiting, no limitations. You’ve got access literally in real time anytime anywhere you want.

Helps you reuse common actions.

Eric Weisbrod (Director of Technical Services): There are two things that I’m particularly excited about with Enact. One is tailored content, and two, how it’s designed for reuse. They’re both somewhat interrelated with each other. The tailored content stems from needing to take action. Whether I'm a corporate user or I'm a site quality manager or I'm a shop floor operator, I have decisions that I have to make and Enact is very much designed to tell these folks when they need to take actions based on what's important to them. The design for reuse is ultimately about scalability and providing a standardized system as quickly and effectively as I can. To an organization, it helps them find value quickest. It helps them maintain the system, and it helps them get the most value out of the system that they're paying for. Ultimately, they're not getting value out of the system as is. What good is it to them?

The cloud enables a new way of working.

Steve Wise (Vice President of Statistical Methods): So Enact, because it's a cloud system, it ties multiple sites together in one place. It allows teams to have never had a way to work together to really collaborate and work together become much more efficient in the way they solve problems and get their work done. So as we are looking at how we produce products and trying to isolate in different areas, you know how that happens. It brings together the manufacturing folks, it brings the engineering folks together, brings the IT folks together, even the finance people together: everyone. If we're focusing on an area and trying to improve that or if the very least is trying to learn what goes on there and model it it provides a vehicle for all these different disciplines in the company to come together work together in a unified way to make better products faster and cheaper in the long run while ensuring quality management.

Enact supports rapid deployment.

Mike Lyle (President and CEO): One of the features I think our clients will find very beneficial, is this concept of rapid deployment model. Enact was designed from ground up with a series of building blocks to be strung together and reuse to allow a very rapid deployment system. Those features, that functionality drives to minimizing the cost of deployment to allow the minimizing the cost of maintenance of the system. It allows things to be deployed very rapidly and actually drive to a lower overall cost of ownership. So those things, if I'm a manufacturer, I look at that as reducing costs and deployment reducing cost of maintenance reducing the cost and ownership.

Enact is greater than the sum of its parts.

Matt Tweedy (Vice President of Product Management): We've all heard the term “greater than some of its parts” and that to me that's what truly represents Enact. There's a whole bunch of functionality then on its own is very exciting and understanding the DNA of your manufacturing processes in a nutshell. That's a critical piece of the software. But when you combine that with understanding the DNA of your product and how the product is assembled, it becomes more powerful when you combine that with being able to define what's important to you versus what's important to that other person or this other person everything takes on a whole new level and it really is an inspiring look at quality that just wasn't possible up to this point and by leveraging our multiple decades of experience in manufacturing, you know truly listening to you for all of those years and understanding what challenges you have and all of the different industries that you're in. We were able to start with a clean slate and build something from the ground up that is 100 percent greater than the sum of its parts. Quality management at its best.


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