How do dashboards change the way people work?

Eric Weisbrod, Director of Technical Services

From high-level summaries to detailed information to prioritized notifications, dashboards make it easy for users to quickly find the information they need to work effectively. Learn more about Enact


Video Transcription:

Dashboards provide a lot of benefits to folks and they're something that everyone expects.

Dashboards can provide aggregated information; so if I’m looking at long-term data or if I want to look at multiple sites from any production lines, I can use a dashboard to get a high-level summary.

I can also use dashboards to look at very detailed information and drill down to find out the cause of the specific issue that I’m investigating or what I’m looking at.

And finally, I can use dashboards to prompt me to do things; I can get notifications on my dashboards, I can perform data collections from my dashboard.

So at the end of it all, dashboards provide a lot of benefits, and that's why clients are really looking for them in any quality solution that they’re investigating.

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