How does Enact change the way people work?

Eric Weisbrod, Director of Technical Services

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Video Transcription:

So Enact is a game-changer for several reasons. First off, it prompts the user to take action. That might be a data collection that needs to be performed that. That might be a notification that need to be responded to, or just knowing which data to look at in order to investigate an issue. Further, it thinks the way a manufacturer thinks. So the way that you organize your information, the way that you set the system up really flows with the manufacturing process. The, because it’s a native cloud based application, all it needs is a browser. This opens up not only devices so you can use different form factors, which can help for both a price point but also data availability. You can use it on your smartphone or your tablet. So if you’re traveling, if you’re at home, you have access to your information from anywhere.


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