How does Enact quality management software deliver the right content to the right people?

Eric Weisbrod, Director of Technical Services

Administrators can take advantage of Enact’s reusability to tailor information delivery — without building a special interface for every user. Learn more about Enact


Video Transcription:

Tailoring a dashboard to, say, an executive or corporate user versus a shop floor operator has a couple of different aspects to it. One is the data that’s selected itself. A corporate or executive user might have visibility across the entire organization. If there are multiple sites, they can see the data from all those sites. The shop floor operator only needs to see maybe what’s specific to their line—or certainly their site. Further, an executive doesn’t necessarily need to see the data collections because we’re not going to be collecting data, whereas the shop floor operator is going to be. And finally, notifications might be different. I might want my shop floor operator to know when their data collections are due but I don’t want the corporate user or the executive to necessarily get all of those notifications and clog their inbox. And so it’s really about providing the right content to the right people—and once again getting this reuse out of the system where I don’t have to specifically build something for everyone.


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