How does Enact help prioritize the greatest improvement opportunities?

Doug Fair, Chief Operating Officer

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Video Transcription:

The real challenge is converting that data into manufacturing intelligence, and that is what Enact does so very well. Imagine taking all of your different quality systems and having all the important data from those systems flow into one place. We call it a centralized unified data repository—and you’ve got instant access to it because it’s a cloud-based system. It’s also cool because then you can look across all of your production lines, all your plants, even across regions across the entire enterprise. If you’ve got that kind of access to data then you can analyze the data because there’s a standardized format—and that’s very unusual. It’s very different because most organizations have different data formats. It’s all standardized in Enact, and you can roll the data up and get to the point where you can say: “Hey, I know it’s happening in all these different regions, these different plants, different products, and how they’re performing, and that means that I can identify where the greatest opportunities for improvement lie. I can pinpoint where it is that I want to place my limited quality improvement resources. And it means also that we can make great improvements and make the largest improvements first and prioritize those actions. Ultimately it boils down to this: if I’ve got data, I can convert it into intelligence. And once you have the intelligence, you can make great improvements throughout your enterprise.

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