How does the Process Model improve efficiency within teams and across the enterprise?

Steve Wise, Vice President of Statistical Methods

Understanding the connections among all the steps in a process reduces costs and the time needed to solve problems. Learn more about Enact


Video Transcription:

So something else that's that's quite exciting about the process model is...Even though as an operator, as a manager, I'm
responsible for is a small piece of this process model, of you know this operation or maybe a couple of operations. I know you know you're looking at the visual tool what's feeding my operations, and the quality of what I'm getting will affect you know what I'm able to do. And likewise, I can see what I'm doing in my operations affect people further downstream for me. And so if there are certain inputs into my system that I need to be tightly controlled, I've got dashboards and other things that I can rely on to look at what's coming my way, and I can make adjustments to compensate for that if I need to, or let's stop doing it this way and make some improvements before it comes in to me. And having all that knowledge up front even ahead of time, greatly improves the throughput of when I'm producing my products, it reduces the cost, the time to solve the problem is reduced significantly. So these are all great benefits of just having that knowledge of all the connective tissues of how products are being made all right there in front of me and part of this process model.

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