How is Enact quality management software designed for reuse?

Eric Weisbrod, Director of Technical Services

You need to be able to re-use work you’ve already done so you can focus less on managing your software — and concentrate on managing your operations. Learn more about Enact


Video Transcription:

Enact quality management software really focuses on reuse in order to be a scalable and deployable solution. One thing we’ve seen from manufacturers over the years is their need to reuse things. If you’ve got multiple sites or multiple production lines, you need to be able to reuse the work that you have already done to be able to effectively roll it out across your various departments or facilities. Enact does that in several ways. We use things like our process model and part recipes--and even the way that data collections can be directed at users--so we can make one thing and repurpose it for multiple audiences or multiple individuals based on the work they need to perform.

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