How scalable and reusable is enact?

Doug Fair, Chief Operating Officer

When you can scale quickly and re-use the elements you’ve created, deployments are fast, costs are dramatically reduced, and organizations see rapid ROI. Learn more about Enact


Video Transcription:

When you set up a production line to make 100 different products, that one set up that you've that you've created within Enact, it can be used, not duplicated, not copied, but it can be used across any production line, any plant, with any language, anywhere in the world. So that means that deployments happen very quickly and if I can scale things quicker, I get my benefit more quickly as well. And again, because there's no software to be installed, that means that it's super fast now because I don't have to have a software downloaded. There's no software to put on computers, it's just give me a browser and access to the system the internet access or cellular access and I've got the software available so deployments are fast and the costs are dramatically lower in terms of deploying and as well as setting up. So that's scalability. Super important for those reasons.

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