SaaS: Scale your solutions fast

Product Development Team

Video Transcription:

One thing we've seen from manufacturers over the years is their need to reuse things. If you've got multiple sites or multiple production lines, you need to be able to reuse the work that you've already done to be able to effectively roll it out across your various departments or facilities. It can be used not duplicated, not copied. It can be used across any production line any plant with any language anywhere in the world so that means that deployments happen very quickly and if I can scale things quicker. I get my benefit more quickly as well, and again, because it's that there's no software to be installed it's all software's a service that means that it's super fast now because I don't have to have a software done there's no software to put on computers it's just give me a browser and access to the system via internet access or cellular access and I've got the software available.

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