Why is the Process Model a core element of Enact?

Steve Wise, Vice President of Statistical Methods

When data is collected, it has to mean something. Get a visual representation of inputs and outputs — and the critical process steps where transformation happens. Learn more about Enact


Video Transcription:

The Process Method is the backbone of Enact. When data is collected, it has to mean something, so when you put a piece of data into the software, it has to be tied to something that can be reused and meaningful to other people. And so as going through my six sigma training, we learned about a tool called process map and processing mapping is just a visualization of how products get produced and then we use that to then decide where to collect the data what information you need to get types of that data to make it useful. And so as we were, you know, reimagining how we’re going from a clean slate, how we’re going to build this Enact tool. Then we thought that was a great place to start and call it a process model and so the process model is nothing more than a simple format. It’s a visualization of inputs going into an operation that then produce an output or outputs and the operation is where a transformation occurs from the inputs to the outputs.

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