Getting Off Paper: Leverage Modern Methods to Realize Digital Transformation

Eric Weisbrod, VP of Product Management

Video Transcriptions:
When manufacturers talk to us about digital transformation, they are primarily talking about getting away from paper. That’s because they know that manual quality management processes are holding them back.

When your quality data is on paper or in spreadsheets, you may have to wait days before someone notices that a process or product dimension has drifted out of specification. That delay is incredibly costly.

Think about it: what are the true costs of producing out of specification products? Scrap, rework, downtime—these are all costs that can be avoided.

When your manufacturing quality data is in the cloud, it’s immediately accessible in one place—from any device. That visibility empowers you to quickly take actions that directly improve product quality, reduce waste, and optimize your processes.

Now your operators, engineers, and quality professionals can respond to information they didn't have before—and that's real transformation.

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