Product overview

What are the needs of the factory of the future?

Mike Lyle, President and CEO of InfinityQS, discusses the fundamental elements of a modern quality strategy.

Video Transcription:

When you talk about building the factory of the future, there’s some fundamental things you have to have in place to do that.
  • You have to be able to integrate with systems both upstream and downstream.
  • You need to be able to bring all your data together across your entire manufacturing enterprise, whether that’s a single site, whether that’s multiple sites.
  • And you need to be able to use analytics out of that information to help transform your manufacturing operations.
This is what drives the factory of the future.

This is exactly what Enact provides.

It provides a centralized system. It provides a tool and a platform to build upon. And it provides the self-serve analytics that allow you to understand what you’re doing across an entire enterprise with regard to manufacturing—and instigate change and transformation to drive yourself to the factory of the future. It supports those elements.

Enact allows us to look at what is happening across the entire enterprise and utilize that information to drive changes that we never could do before. We didn’t have the information to do it before. That’s part of where we’re going and where manufacturers have to go if they plan to continue to be successful. They have to do these steps.

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