Client Choice Service Program

You choose how to work with us.

InfinityQS® is dedicated to providing the highest quality Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, Quality Intelligence solutions, and engineering services. In addition to our InfinityQS Professional Services team, InfinityQS also maintains an Excellence in Service program to ensure that every member of our global network of independent Service Providers has deep knowledge and experience with InfinityQS products.

The InfinityQS Client Choice service program gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of service options and allow you to select the service team that best meets your requirements.

  • InfinityQS Professional Services team
    InfinityQS’s North America-based team of industry best-in-class engineers.
  • Excellence in Service program providers
    Global network of Service Providers who have completed the comprehensive Excellence in Service training program. Uniquely qualified to provide InfinityQS services at the same high-quality level as the InfinityQS staff.
  • InfinityQS Oversight services
    Services provided by an Excellence in Service provider with oversight by the InfinityQS Professional Services team.
  • Alternative service provider options
    InfinityQS will provide training options to a service provider of your choice.
Our global network of skilled and dedicated Service Providers will help you ensure the success and maximize the benefits of your InfinityQS solution.

Service Providers

Service Provider

Looking for a provider who can support you with expertise in InfinityQS® solutions as well as engineering services, system design, installation, and configuration? Find a Service Provider in your region.



Looking for a reseller who can connect you with the InfinityQS solutions that are right for you? Find a Reseller in your region.

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