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Keops Technologies

Keops Technologies

KEOPS has been involved in the manufacturing industries worldwide since 1982, we are the leader in the design, development, deployment and long-term support of manufacturing IT solutions and system integration. The enterprise mission: deploy Information Technology solutions to support manufacturing operations. The "end-to-end" approach allows integration of IT solutions at different levels of the supply chain: whether ERP, PLM solutions (Product Lifecycle Management), quality management, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), environment, health & safety management and data management (Big data). KEOPS Technologies is committed with manufacturers worldwide providing valuable business innovative IT solutions through Manufacturing Change.

Our value proposition offers clarity to your business challenges:

  • Provides Agility by increasing collaboration with your internal and external customers through supply to distribution
  • Generates Efficiency by improving sustainability & compliance in global markets –
  • Delivers Controlled & Predicted Outcomes through centralization and maximization of available resources
  • Guaranties Timely Information for Continuous Improvement via our innovative solutions

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