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InfinityQS Training

Maximize your InfinityQS SPC software investment and learn how to get the best results by enrolling your team in InfinityQS training.

Our Courses

As a valued client, it is important to us that you maximize the value of your InfinityQS® Quality Intelligence solution. To help you succeed at the highest level and achieve your quality goals, we offer training designed to build both foundational and advanced knowledge of our software.

ProFicient Fundamentals 

Attendees are introduced to the fundamental skills that will help you successfully adopt and utilize InfinityQS ProFicient™ across your company.

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ProFicient Advanced Techniques

Attendees experience an in-depth examination of the advanced features of InfinityQS ProFicient.

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Data Management System (DMS) 
Attendees learn and practice the basic and intermediate skills needed to implement automated data collection strategies using the ProFicient Data Management System and Data Collection Services.

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Enact Getting Started

Short, easy-to-access, self-paced training videos are seamlessly integrated throughout the product's highly searchable Help system. 

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Effective Training Solutions

We strive to deliver our training courses in a variety of formats that fit your needs.

Public Courses

Our reoccurring standard courses led by InfinityQS instructors at our training center in Fairfax, Virginia. Open to all InfinityQS clients.

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On-site Training

Our standard courses led by InfinityQS instructors at your site.

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Client-Specific Courses

Our standard courses taught using client-specific examples and exercises led by InfinityQS instructors at our training center in Fairfax, Virginia.

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Preparing for Training

Training calendar

See dates for upcoming sessions.

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Registration information

Get full details on the registration process.

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Training FAQ

Got questions? We have you covered.

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InfinityQS Training Center

The InfinityQS training center provides an ideal environment for attendees to fully immerse themselves in the benefits and functionalities of the software—away from the distractions
of your day-to-day operations.
SPC software training at InfinityQS

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