Online ProFicient Fundamentals Course

This online, three-day course develops fundamental skills so students can succeed with their InfinityQS ProFicient quality programs, and incorporates live instruction, videos, and a variety of hands-on exercises. Students will conduct the hands-on exercises using our ProFicient on Demand (PoD) cloud-based platform.
Participants will learn how to create ProFicient projects; set up data entry configurations; and utilize data selection, toolbar, and reporting options. In addition, students gain experience by working through real-world use cases. Every participant is presented with a certificate of completion at the end of the class, and receives resource materials to support and expand the coursework covered.

Benefits & Learning Goals

  • Develop confidence in implementing and maintaining ProFicient in an actual plant environment, including Statistical Process Control (SPC) and verification checks.
  • Present charting, data analytics, and reporting options that meet the needs of all types of users: operators, quality professionals, plant engineers, and managers.
  • Demonstrate how to customize data entry and data displays to meet the needs of most industries.

Course Outline

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  • Three (3) days
  • 2 sessions a day: seven (7) hours total per day
    • Each session is comprised of independent training modules and exercises, followed by an instructor-led webinar

The class is intended for quality professionals and managers responsible for administrating InfinityQS ProFicient software at their facility. This class is not intended for operators.

Students should possess a good working knowledge of SPC techniques. In addition, students should be familiar with the Microsoft® Windows™ operating system and Windows applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Office applications. Students should be able to navigate through the Windows interface quickly and effectively.

Delivery Options

The Online ProFicient Fundamentals Training course is conducted entirely online, and incorporates live instruction, videos, and a variety of hands-on exercises.


For more information on attending Online ProFicient Fundamentals training, contact your Account Manager today at 1-800-772-7978 or Discounts are available for group registrations and clients with a valid Maintenance Agreement.


To sign up for ProFicient Fundamentals, complete the training enrollment form and fax it back to us at 703-961-1923 or email

Due to high interest, it is recommended that you reserve your seat well in advance of the training.