InfinityQS Training Center

Our standard courses led by InfinityQS instructors at our Fairfax, VA training center.

Ready to facilitate real change throughout your enterprise? Schedule a training event at the InfinityQS® Training Center in Fairfax, Virginia. Get out of your everyday routine and focus on the benefits that the InfinityQS solution can bring to your enterprise. 

Why learn at our training center?

Located at InfinityQS headquarters in the Washington, D.C., Metro area, our training center is the ideal environment in which to learn about our software, away from the distractions of your day-to-day operations. Attendees benefit from having their own PC workstations, preloaded with software, and their own workbooks to follow along with the course curriculum.

Our training facility features equipment for each participant, including oversize TV, Microsoft PowerPoint demos, workstations, projectors, and more. It’s the perfect setting to brainstorm, brand, and design your InfinityQS implementation. In this focused learning environment, you can work with our experts to Re-Imagine Quality and accomplish even more when you return to the production floor.

Available courses

Choose from our standard classroom courses: Training is recommended for companies who are initially deploying ProFicient, or who are adding new employees to an existing deployment.
For more information about attending sessions at the InfinityQS training center—including travel information—read our Training FAQs or contact your Global Account Manager (GAM) at +1-800-772-7978.