Turn Your Quality-Improvement Data into Actionable Intelligence

Gain true enterprise visibility into your data.

Enterprise visibility into all your quality-improvement data is possible. See how easy it is to Re-Imagine Quality with InfinityQS.

Need to squeeze more profitability from the production line or prevent quality control problems? This video shows how you can turn your valuable data into actionable intelligence.

Support the diverse goals of your enterprise with the right Quality Intelligence tools 

Improving quality improves the effectiveness of connected teams.
Support your Quality Team
You need a variety of ways to evaluate and monitor product and process quality—all while saving time and reducing the potential for errors.
  • Automate and standardize quality control analysis and reporting.
  • Provide reports of real-time data as needed.
  • Get a historical view for in-depth insights.
  • Meet growing demands of new products and customers.
Support your Manufacturing team
Get insight into your manufacturing quality-improvement processes to help prevent possible issues and keep production humming.
  • Optimize production.
  • Automate data collection.
  • Reduce costs, risk, and downtime.
Support your Management team
Meet the demands of quality programs (Six Sigma, Lean) and regulation compliance while keeping costs down and yield up. LEARN MORE
Support your IT team
Reduce the burden on your IT staff without skimping on security or sacrificing functionality.
  • Easily integrate new solutions.
  • Reduce demands on IT resources.
  • Meet security requirements.
  • Easily deploy for your scenario.
Support your Executive team
Do you see quality as a problem or an opportunity? Embed quality in every process throughout the enterprise and transform your business.
  • Improve product quality and brand loyalty.
  • Meet or exceed customer demands.
  • Improve compliance and reduce recalls.

Take the first step from quality to excellence