Hello High Quality—Goodbye Risk and High Costs of Poor Quality

InfinityQS Quality Intelligence solutions help you prioritize quality to improve yield and ROI—and reduce the cost of poor quality, complaints, and risk.

Prioritize quality and reduce both cost and risk. InfinityQS® solutions use a scientific, proven methodology to help you prevent problems—and the associated costs.

Cut down on scrap and rework
The more product you can get out the door, the better. But if quality slips, you’ll find that product headed straight back from your unhappy customers. InfinityQS quality control solutions help you maximize product quality, so your production line—and your business—keeps humming.
Boost ROI
From giving you the insight you need to improve supplier quality to improving software traceability for auditing purposes, InfinityQS solutions provide unbeatable ROI.
Reduce customer complaints
Your customers demand high quality, reliable products. You need proven, efficient quality control methods to meet those demands. One faulty process can set back both production and customer loyalty. With InfinityQS, you get solutions that help you respond to customer needs—quickly, flexibly, and consistently.

Protect brand equity
Consistency is a hallmark of brand equity. How can you help to ensure that customers can expect the same high-quality product from any manufacturing site, at any time? How can you detect potential quality problems as quickly as possible—or better yet, spot the warning signs and prevent the problems? InfinityQS solutions provide targeted yet extensive data collection and quality control analysis capabilities, automated alerts, and aggregated access to historical data so that you can produce a consistently excellent product that meets brand expectations.
Minimize recalls
Product recalls are costly, not just in lost time and wasted materials but in the potential loss of customer confidence and brand reputation. InfinityQS gives you the insight you need to reduce defect levels, automate policy and procedure enforcement, and reduce scrap and rework—all of which can help to prevent the dreaded recall.
Maximize existing investments
IT time and resources are limited and in high demand. Plus, you’ve likely already made a significant investment in your existing infrastructure. That’s why we designed InfinityQS solutions to integrate with a multitude of legacy systems. Simply deploy our software in your existing infrastructure; our flexible quality management solutions support communications with most of the systems you already use through their native protocols (e.g., ODBC connection, XML, TXT, and others). Also, InfinityQS solutions support standard interface and operational components that are already familiar to users. And the flexibility and scalability of the InfinityQS platform—including standardized components and self-service, on-demand reporting—provide support for a single site or a global enterprise, without additional demands on IT resources.

Measurable Results

We recently conducted a survey of our clients to quantify the results of using ProFicient™ SPC software. Hundreds of clients responded with documented savings in several key metrics including scrap, rework, defects, cycle time, overtime, warranty claims, MRB/sorting, holds, escapes, data collection, reporting and recalls.

The average results are as follows:

  • 12.7% Weekly Scrap Reduction
  • 14.3% Man-hour Rework Reduction
  • 14.1% Overtime Reduction
  • 12.9% Defect Cost Reduction
  • 13.6% Cycle Time Reduction
  • 14.1% Warranty Claim Reduction
  • 11.5% MRB/Sorting Reduction
  • 12.5% Holds Reduction
  • 10.7% Escapes Reduction
  • 14.4% Data Collection Time Reduction
  • 17.1% Report Time Reduction
Measurable Results with InfinityQS

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